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Watch American Movie Company’s 2020 Show Reel

A Glimpse at The American Movie Company 2020 Show Reel.

Description of Amercan Movie Company’s 2020 Show Reel

Hello everyone! Welcome to the American Movie Company 2020 Show Reel.  I’m Nemo, the AMC logo doggy here to guide you through what you’re watching. 

We are fearless and adventurous at AMC, and so we thought it quite apropos that the first shot was taken from the  Live Stream  we worked on at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York City. A model in a stylish yellow jacket struts against a blue lit space.

Words with Alec  is one of our productions that took place at our Chelsea 26th Street Studio  featuring Alec Baldwin.  Fun fact – he likes playing Words With Friends so much that he asks production assistants  to help him solve puzzles on set. He can’t seem to get off his phone!  Check out our production crew and equipment in the background.  

Cut to a behind the scenes bit of two of our top producers, Michael Gonzalez and Libi Herz at work. AMC is lucky to have such talented and dedicated professionals. 

We can definitely see John Cena, WWE Superstar as Team Captain for Fruity Pebbles and pro Basketball player Kyrie Irvin.  Team Captain for Cocoa Pebbles and a transition of a kid jumping into a delicious bowl of Cocoa Pebbles.

Our Teleprompter Rental Service is highly rated nationwide. Take a peek at our Buick product launch WebCast. Then explore the skies of New York City with our extraordinary Drone Rental Service. A snap Lucy Hale’s Bongo boutique launch. A quick look of Liam Neeson at one of our Green Cyc Studios with one our teleprompters. Our Astoria Prime Stage for shooting with incredibly rendered 4k Virtual sets. 

Our Chelsea NoMad Studio is the perfect location to capture beauty shots. We worked with the Jackie Robinson Foundation Awards Red Carpet, and here’s a look at the fabulous Sheila E. from our behind the scenes camera. Scholastic’s Upstage Stomp competition has some tremendously talented teams. Get some action from this Green Screen VFX fight scene between an animated boxer and one of our crew members.

We have Tough Mudder footage that is muddy and dramatic competition. The ping pong clip that comes next shows a man and a woman in the middle of an intense game. Our host from one our 4K virtual sets welcomes Tracy Ellis Ross to the T.Howard Foundation Diversity Awards.  A series of graceful dancers at our warehouse locations, show the breath of our various directors. 

Followed by heavy metal composite of our video for artist Scotty Seed. Our Music Video production team likes all types of music and we wanted to give you a sense of range. 

We’re also known for and excel at  WebCasting /Live Streaming Concerts.

A nice sample of our 4K compositing for Shape Magazine. Rapper Princess Nokia Live from a Rooftop in Chinatown, NYC. Netflix’s original series  “Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices”  with Marley Dias and Misty Copeland. Lastly a couple of kids getting lost in the magic of reading when their living room walls float away to reveal a jungle full of interesting animals in their home.

That’s all for now folks. 

Nemo, signing out.

Watch AMC’s 2020 Show Reel

by | Nov 28, 2020

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