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Washington D.C. Studio

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About us

Washington D.C. Studio’s two first-rate sound stages are conveniently located in downtown Washington, D.C., blocks from the White House. Our studio has successfully managed productions of all shapes & sizes for over 40 years.

Washington D.C. Studio experience includes single and multi-camera live broadcasts; video conferences; satellite media tours; webcasts and streaming events; green screen effects shoots; interviews; product shots, and more for a creatively diverse range of clients.

Soundstages & Gear
Transmission & Streaming
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Soundstages & Gear

The studio in Washington, D.C. has full lighting, grip, HD and 4K camera packages, and a cutting-edge digital control room.

The control room is equipped with an HD switcher, a vast monitor wall, an audio board, an IFB and phone system, a character generator, and a variety of recording and playback options.


Set options that can accommodate multiple configurations are readily available on-site. A studio in Washington, D.C., can design and construct custom sets to meet your specifications.

Two conference rooms, a green room, a makeup room, and a café with seating for up to 40 people are available for use with the studios. On request, a variety of craft services and catering options are available.

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Transmission & Streaming

The global transmission consists of both outgoing and incoming LIVE program feeds. IMG utilizes fully uncompressed HD-SDI fiber lines to/from Verizon’s DC AVOC, allowing for a unique connection with satellite and fiber optic partners.

The Digital Media department of Washington D.C. Studio handles all aspects of webcast production and LIVE streaming in various bit rates and formats.

Green Screen
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Studio Sets
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Behind the Scenes
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