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Watch The Trailer to Get a Glimpse of What’s Possible at our Volumetric Capture Stages


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Volumetric Video Capture NYC

The first premium Volumetric Capture stage in the Northeast, is now open and available for creative inspiration and commercial activation.

A brand new 2000 square foot studio  in the heart of Manhattan that shoots live-action 60fps footage simultaneously with multiple machine vision cameras bringing natural motion, realistic physics and high-fidelity textures to the worlds of 3D, E-commerce, marketing and film.


Capture Motion Performance in Three Dimensions

The Vol-Cap (Volumetric Capture) Capture System

We capture the highest fidelity moving holograms for use in augmented and virtual reality experiences, as well as traditional 2D film and video.

This revolutionary technology will change the way the fashion, advertising, publishing and health and fitness industries connect with their customers by showcasing visual images and movement in a four dimensional, interactive format.

The 2,000 square foot column-less dark studio boasts a newly installed state-of-the-art volumetric video capture system that shoots live-action, 60fps footage simultaneously with multiple arrays of machine vision cameras, bringing natural motion, realistic physics and high-fidelity textures to the worlds of 3D, e-commerce, marketing and film.

Exploring New Worlds With Volumetric Video

What exactly is this technology, and how can you make it work for you?

Volumetric Video Production 7

Volumetric goes beyond existing motion capture technologies and captures the natural fluid movement of clothing, expression and muscle flexes.

Our Volumetric Video Production Studio

Volumetric Video Production 8


Volumetric Capture Stage Specs:


  • 2000 Sq.Ft Column-Less Dark Studio
  • Polished Concrete floors
  • 200 a/3 Power Distributed by Camlock Service
  • 9’10” Diameter Capture Zone
  • 7’10” Height Capture Zone
  • Uniform Volumetric Reconstruction
  • 30/60 FPS for Motion Volumetric 
  • Local Data Processing
  • Adjustable Speed/Scale of Data Processing
  • High Quality Volumetric Sequence
  • Plug-Ins for Unity and Unreal

What is volumetric video?

In a nutshell, volumetric video capture is a way of capturing live action and recreating it in such a way that real-life users can interact with them.

How Does Volumetric Video Work?

Dozens of cameras swoop around objects, animate or inanimate, recording them from every possible angle. With volumetric video, characters and environments are captured by these multiple cameras in a controlled space to create what is basically a fully realized three-dimensional hologram.

What Do You Need To View Volumetric Video?

Once the hologram is created, it can be viewed from any angle, no matter how it moves or where you are looking at it from, with the help of a mobile device or VR headset.


Ted Talk Video Discussing VolCap As An Exciting Future of Cinema

Say Hello To a New Era of Special Effects Design

What do you do once you’ve filmed something in volumetric video?

The creations can be manipulated to perform any action, in any environment—and they will interact with that environment in a completely realistic way. They’ll react and respond to objects around them, light, effects… with complete motion capture having taken in all the possibility physical information and storing the data, the possibilities are endless.

Can you use volumetric video for more than just people?

Environments, as well as characters, can be created in rich 3D, without the restrictions of pre-determined visual perspectives. If you’ve ever imagined visiting Star Trek: The Next Generation’s holodeck, then you understand the appeal; exploration without limitation.

Volumetric Video Production 9

The next dimension of film, fashion, marketing, games and interactive with natural motion 3D volumetric capture

Volumetric Video Production 10

How can marketers use it?

A performer can be captured singing, dancing, and speaking, then sent to locations around the world where the performance will feel “live.”

Experiences can be shared by audiences in any location, and still feel deeply personalized as they are immersed in environments or seeing “shows” without ever having to leave home.

Can you also use it for location-based based marketing?

Characters can also be placed in live action environments, drawing crowds and creating events, with the help of mobile phones.

Can volumetric video work for education?

A detailed, thorough, interactive virtual environment can be created, allowing viewers to explore museums, landscapes, and worlds without having to have it right there next to them.

The Assouline AR app for the Interview magazine coffee table book.

In a revolutionary collaboration with luxury publishing house Assouline and Interview Magazine, our Volumetric Capture studio recently launched the free app Interview Covers. The app adds a 4D experience to the recently released commemorative book Interview: 50 Years by allowing readers to explore Interview magazine covers from a never-before-seen catalog of the magazine’s extensive history. The VRAccelerator augmented reality feature is easily accessible from a user’s digital device, represents a giant leap in user interface design and points the way forward for augmented reality data visualization.

Now available on the App Store.

Google Light Feild / Volumetric Video Technology

Volumetric Video Production 11

The Volumetric Capture System include a large capture zone measuring 3 meters (9’ 10”) in diameter and 2.4m (7’ 10”) in height as well as uniform, high-quality volumetric reconstruction throughout the capture zone. Filming is recorded at 30 fps or 60 fps with local data processing all in high-quality volumetric sequences in industry standard formats. Plug-in technology for the 3D engines Unity® and Unreal® is part of the system. Our Volumetric Capture stage also has developed a unique system of lighting in partnership with ARRI, the leading light technology manufacturer that is used to make Hollywood blockbuster movies.

Also check out our AR/VR Production at AMC.

How can you make educational use of volumetric video exciting for  kids?

Video games are already making creative and cutting-edge use of volumetric video capture, putting players into immersive environments they can explore every crevice of as characters respond to changes in surroundings, temperature, and weather. Imagine the same use for museums and galleries, famous libraries, or historic recreations.

How about movies?

Filmmakers can put their characters into virtual sets, and then have every possible camera angle at their disposal without having to reset and reshoot.

Can it give viewers a more personalized experience?

Armed with the right equipment (like a VR headset), viewers can decide what angle THEY want to see the scene from and shift accordingly. Live action characters can move around in a recreated space, or recreated characters can move around in a live space, lifting previous limitations and giving storytellers new creative tools for movies, games, education, travel, marketing, and so much more.

This is just the beginning.

Filmmakers, video game creators, and dreamers are still looking at all the possibilities that volumetric video capture will bring. Using the vast amounts of data captured by these cameras, history can be recreated and new stories can be told with unlimited reach.

Volumetric 3D Live Streaming Video

Volumetric Video Production 12

A full-service solution, our Volumetric Capture Studio also provides AR/VR development and consulting services across industries, including fashion, advertising, and publishing and can supply video, photographers and crew.  

Sony 3D VolCap System


Recorded in Japanese with English subtitles.

Intense acrobatics captured in 3D / 360 video

Volumetric Video Production

by | Feb 19, 2020

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