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VFX Liam Neeson “War of the Worlds”

Liam Neeson spent a week on our sound stage with the veteran director, Rob Hart and our DP Hernan Toro and the AMC crew producing the VFX for the London stage play based on H.G. Wells’ “War of the Worlds”

Liam Neeson in Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds – The New Generation, Alive on stage

Liam Neeson shot for a week on the AMC Green Screen stages to VFX create material for the London musical version of H.G.  Wells’  “War of the Worlds”.   Mr. Neeson is replacing Richard Burton whose holographic image dominated the previous version of the London Theater Musical.  Special effects work was directed by Robb Hart.  Hernán Toro was the director of photography with the crew of the American Movie Company.

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