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Video Editing and VFX

Video Editing and VFX

War of the Worlds 3D Imaging * Robots * Augmented Reality

The American Movie Company is proud to have worked on the Video Production NYC image capture of the 3D Imax Resident Evil Retribution scene where a tidal wave destroys Times Square.  Our Jason Krangle joined Toronto based Mr. X spending three days on a mobile 50′ scissor lift shooting plates used to construct a photo-real model of Times Square.

The American Movie Company was hired by Arka, a French firm, to populate an architectural rendering of a proposed shopping mall in Paris.  Bill Milling cast and directed the actors.  He and Kyle Craner shot them at our Tribeca facility with our crew headed by Tom Phillips.  Our AMC VFX team, Chris Savino, Henry Steady and Phil Fleisher did all the rendering and digital compositing.

Jesus Alvarez Head of VFX  dept. at American Movie Company

Shot at AMC Green Screen Stage  Compositing at AMC by Henry Steady, AMC Post Supervisor

Microsoft “SkyDrive” video shot at AMC stage Tribeca.

The Way of the Brisk, shot entirely on AMC downtown Green Sound Stage, and at the AMC studio as a “practical location”.

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