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     Urban Recovery joined forces with the full-scale production house, American Movie Company, to introduce a video component to their addiction counseling process. 

  Urban Recovery (UR) has recently opened its doors in Red Hook, Brooklyn, to become the only private, independent, residential treatment center in New York City. The center’s state-of-the-art facility (pictured below) is warmly lit and lavishly decorated to suit the needs of their clientele in a cosmopolitan setting. The diverse neighborhood of Red Hook provides both a creative and cosmopolitan ambiance that Urban Recovery strives for while allowing the utmost privacy and discretion for their clients. 

Urban Recovery
       In congruence with the facility’s art room, recording studio, fitness center, and fully-equipped kitchen, American Movie Company’s media team combined efforts with UR to create an in-house video studio. It is equipped with three hanging Cyc backdrop options, black, white and green.  Also offered -professional lighting, audio and camera equipment setup. 
      Denise Bertin-Epp, CEO of Urban Recovery said: “At Urban Recovery we recognize that recovery from addictive disorders needs to occur in a community of others. We are honored that Bill Milling’s team at AMC generously and graciously brought their cutting-edge technology and media expertise to help our patients reclaim their voices and their places as creative, successful people in the larger community.”  The center will use the studio to record sessions with clients to be revisited at will in order to track their progress.

Check out images of the AMC crew setting up the Urban Recovery Studio below! 

AMC crew setting up the Urban Recovery Studio
AMC crew setting up the Urban Recovery Studio

The American Movie Company team also put together a video tutorial for the set up of the video and lighting equipment to ease accessibility for the Urban Recovery staff and its clients! 

AMC crew setting up the Urban Recovery Studio

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