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The Year of the Pig

Year of the Pig Celebration WebCast Live from New York to China! 1

American Movie Company rang in the Chinese New Year webcasting the celebration live from New York to China. The production was broadcast in both Mandarin and English, with Chinese and American guests working with translators to relay their responses to interview questions.

American Movie Company’s crew was all-hands-on-deck for this WebCasting event.  Zack Breheney was the tech par excellence, while Lou Blackmon manned the camera, Eduardo Torres and Joseph Ridilla worked as grips, and David Rosenberg did his usual magic with sound, providing a smooth experience for everyone tuning in to celebrate the New Year! 

The Chinese New Year represents the beginning of a new year on the traditional Chinese lunar calendar. The day is celebrated with an array of festivities and parades internationally. 

Year of the Pig Celebration WebCast Live from New York to China! 2

The Zodiac

For fun, shall we delve into the astrological world of the Pig? He’s the twelfth animal on the Chinese Zodiac and the last to arrive to the party!

According to the Chinese Zodiac, men born during the Year of the Pig are focused, gentle beings. However, their focus doesn’t bode well for them financially as they tend to be scammed easily due to their naive nature. Socially, they lean more introverted, while they can be warm and friendly, they don’t slip into conversation easily.

Women born on  the Year of the Pig are the exact opposite.  They are excitable and extroverted, and tend to overextend themselves socially, evading the personal space of those around them. Unlike their opposite sex, these women are fortunate financially, with their hard work bearing fruitful rewards. 

Our very own creative aficionado, Dilenia Rodriguez,  is a woman of the Year of the Pig and mostly accepts  the description of her own zodiac.  She adds , “Sounds accurate! Except for maybe, the fortunate financially part, that one not so much”.

Check out the traditional Lion Dance performed for Chinese New Year in Hong Kong: 

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