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World’s Smartest Motion Control

The Affordable SurfaceOne

Targeting The SurfaceOne Motion Control System

Best Camera Silders 2017 1

Elketrone 4 Axis Motion Kit Control System

First review of the Edelkrone “Motion Kit” .  It’s a 4-axis motion control camera rig which lets you motion control the slide, pan, tilt and focus functions from a smartphone..

 iFootage motion S1A3.

This is a completely wireless motorized 3-axis slider with programable movement.  Check out this video showing you what the   iFootage motion S1A3 can do.

Best Camera Silders 2017 2

iFootage Shark Slider S1 Review 

Best Camera Silders 2017 3

Best Slider Ever? – Selens Nordic N1

Editors Choice For  Ten Best Sliders

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