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40k Lytro Light Field Camera

Lytro Cameras could be the future of Cinematography.

Introducing Lytro ILLUM (4:40)

In this tutorial, you will learn your way around the touch interface of the Lytro ILLUM, including navigating the Capture Mode, Playback Mode, and Settings. Finally, you will be guided through taking your first living picture with the Lytro ILLUM

– Learn how to use the Lytro ILLUM touch interface.

– Navigate Capture More, Playback Mode and Settings.

– Take the first picture.


Lytro ILLUM Camera Review: Photos Just Got Deeper

This $1600 camera, the ILLUM by Lytro is made to capture millions of light waves in a scene, they call it a light field. This technology allows photographers to discover the different new dimensions of an image.

Watch this video review to get a clearer focus on just what this camera is capable of doing.

Who knows? You might want one for your own work.

Light Field Technology: The Future of VR and 3D Displays

Watch Gordon Wetzstein, from the department of  Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. He is the leader of the Stanford computational imaging group.

An interdisciplinary group that’s focusing on imaging, microscopy and display systems. Wetzstein gives an interesting lecture on Light Field Technology and Virtual Reality.

This video covers the essentials to knowing how light field technology works, its development and progress throughout history and where we are now in the development of this technology.



Light Field Imaging: The Future of VR-AR-MR

Watch Jon Karafin, the head of Light Field Video at Lytro talk about the exciting technologies that Lytro is working with in Light Field Imaging.

“Light Fields Is the future of Imaging”

Karafin discusses how Lytro’s camera works in depth, and gives you a good idea on how Light Field Technology works in Lytro cameras.

How does the Lytro camera capture a 3D image?  You’ll find out in this video.

How Does This Lytro Camera Work?

Watch Jon Karafin again, as he discusses how the Lytro camera works.

This video has diagrams and graphics explaining how the Lytro camera works in space.

You can see how images are processed and what the range of modification is after the fact. 

Watch Lytro change cinematography forever.

In case it’s not in your budget to rent a 40K Lytro camera for your next production, American Movie Company has your back. Check this RED Weapon Helium 8K Camera Rental

New Lytro Light Field Camera

The Lytro Illum Light Field Digital Camera uses the unique Light Field sensor and the Light Field Engine 2.0 for image capture and processing.

With a micro-lens array on the sensor it records the color, intensity, and direction of light traveling in every direction throughout a scene and creates “living pictures” in which the focus point can be determined after you have shot the image. Focus range for the Illum is from 0 mm to infinity, it can actually focus on a subject touching up against the lens.

The dedicated “Lytro Button” next to the shutter release enables a color-coded overlay to appear on the live view LCD image which demonstrates the relative focus and depth of field of your image in order to better recognize the “re-focusable” range. You can shoot up to 1/4000th of a second and change ISO sensitivity via 2 customizable buttons and an integrated hot shoe mount is compatible with most standard flashes and offers manual and TTL control.

An external shutter release port is supported and you can set a custom white balance. This camera is ideal for experimental photography.

New 40k Lytro Camera

Want one??

It costs just $125,000.00… not to buy.

Just to rent.

The text below is from Wikipedia describing the tech in historical detail

“A  light field is a vector function that describes the amount of light flowing in every direction through every point in space. The direction of each ray is given by the 5D plenoptic function, and the magnitude of each ray is given by the radiance.”

“Michael Faraday was the first to propose (in an 1846 lecture entitled “Thoughts on Ray Vibrations”) that light should be interpreted as a field, much like the magnetic fields on which he had been working for several years.

The phrase light field was coined by Alexander Gershun in a classic paper on the radiometric properties of light in three-dimensional space (1936).”

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New 40K Lytro Camera Eliminates the Need for Green Screen

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