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Camera Rental NYC 1

Camera Rental NYC

We have the total package for your next multi-camera shoot.  Our camera rentals come with expert technicians ready to make sure your shoot goes as smoothly as possible.

Camera Rental NYC 4

Our production team is ready to help you put together a seamless project. We’ll pair you with the right team and the right equipment on your budget.

Camera Rental NYC:  American Movie Company Multi-Camera  Productions

Camera Rental NYC 5

Camera Rental NYC (Includes Operators)

Up to 5 URSA Mini 4.6 K Cameras. Shoot the action in spectacular 4K with our high quality cine prime and zoom lenses. Get the action from every angle. Include the compact BMPCC 6K on a Ronin Gimble for smooth motion shots.

Our multi-Camera Rental package includes tripods and lenses and rigging. The perfect solution for shooting fast paced live events where multiple shot are needed to capture the action.

Get the best footage.

Don’t Forget To ask about our other Camera Rentals:

Our Sony Multi-Camera System is perfect for live-streamed events. Shoot HD 1080p and stream live to social media and the web.

Multi-Camera Switcher for Live Streaming

Our Ursa Mini 4.6K Camera rental system can be paired with the ATEM 4K studio switcher. Perfect for live streaming shows with beautiful transitions between shots. The ATEM 4K studio switcher has inputs for up to 8 cameras via SDI port. It also features 8 output ports, for presentation monitors and various camera feeds.

Make your live streamed show dynamic.

Our Live Stream technicians are experts with programs such as VMIX, OBS, ReStream and more. Our technicians will help you incorporate remote speakers, media presentations, videos and graphics into your program. Live Streaming to all your preferred Social Media and Websites.

Camera Rental NYC 5

Get the best people on your crew!

Our talented camera team will make sure that your set is properly lit and that the image is of the highest quality. Our DP’s, AC’s and Technicians are all passionate industry professionals with years of experience in the field and up to date knowledge of the latest production processes.

Get crisp sound from every take, with our professional Sound operators. We have up to 8 wireless Lav’ Mic’s, an 8 channel Zoom recorder, Boom mics, and handheld microphones for all of your sound needs.

At the end of the day get your footage in a Harddrive or SSD, organized with separate sound files and program. Ready to be edited and distributed.

Need a video Editor?

We can provide you with the best post production Team as well. Our video editors will

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The Best Cinema Cameras, Black Magic Ursa Mini 4.6K
The Best Cinema Cameras, Black Magic Ursa Mini 4.6K
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Camera Rental NYC 9

Camera Rental NYC

Our Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 4.6K  Multi-Camera Rental Package

This is what makes the URSA Mini Pro 4.6K Great:

The URSA Mini Pro 4.6K a cinematic camera is designed to be used on everything from feature films, TV shows, commercials, documentaries and music videos. This is a versatile camera, perfect for in-studio and remote shoots. It has an incredible 4.6K Super 35 image sensor with 15 stops of dynamic range for stunning 4K footage. The URSA Mini Pro 4.6K lets you capture epic cinematic shots while its compact size is perfect for solo shoots with smaller crews.

Our URSA Mini Camera Rental can be customized with high quality cine prime and zoom lenses, rails, matte boxes and more. Our come with the shoulder mount kit that features a quick release mounting plate for pickup and run shooting situations. Our multi Camera rental also includes Miller tripods for smooth movements and steady shots.

Camera Rental NYC:

Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 4.6K Multi-Camera Rental and WebCasting

  • Up to 5 URSA Mini Pro 4.6K Cameras
  • BMPCC 6K Camera and Ronin S Gimble are available for dynamic shots.
  • A variety of Zoom Lenses.
  • Complete Rokinon Cine Prime Lens Kit, Includes 14mm, 24mm,35mm,50mm,85mm and 135mm.
  • ATEM 4K Pro Studio Switcher with 8 Channels
  • Mac and PC Computers
  • Optional Streaming Flypack add on.
  • Tally Lights, Coms System and Remote Camera Control also included.
Ursa Mini Matte Box & Focus Control
Ursa Mini Shoulder Mount

Our Complete Camera System Rental

Camera Rental NYC 10
Ursa Mini 4.6 k camera Rental iwth Atem $K studio switcher and Miller tripod
RED Komodo 6K Cine Camera

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