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Green Screen WebCasting Studios NYC

The American Movie Company is New York’s premiere Live Streaming production company.

We not only WebCast from our six NYC stages but also from our Astoria mega stage and the several ancillary studios in that massive facility.
All stages are equipped with a Tricaster, Live Stream Flypack and plenty of bandwidth (between 30 mb uplink and i GB Fiber)

chelsea north webcasting control room setup
Our Premiere Video Streaming facility is Chelsea North.   This stage has a fully featured, state-of-the-art, TriCaster 8000 in a soundproof control room which also contains a sophisticated audio board and the software and controllers to paint the three Sony F7 cameras in the studio.  The dedicated 1 Gig fiber line directly to the nearby Google building gives our clients virtually unlimited, 100% dependable bandwidth.
Chelsea Prime Green Screen

Chelsea Prime Green Screen Webcasting Stage

  • Located on 28th Street in Chelsea, Manhattan
  • DMX grid lighting, perfectly lit green
  • Best compliment of G & E of any stage its size
  • Totally quiet
  • Soundproof streaming room with window to set
  • One GB fiber uplink

Our White Cyc facility is Chelsea South.  This stage has an 850 and 455 TriCaster as well as a top-of-the-line Live Stream FlyPack. 

The stage has a soundproof control room which also contains a sophisticated audio board. grip, lighting, and power are included.

Chelsea South White Cyc Studio
Our Soho Green Screen Insert Stage (one or two people sitting or standing)  has a TriCaster 850 Extreme, a TriCaster 455 as well as a Live Stream Flypack.  It comes with 30 mb bandwidth.  It is a beautiful, quiet, upscale facility located in the heart of Soho.
Soho Green Screen Insert Stage
Our Astoria facility contains five stages.  All are wired for Live Video Streaming.  The largest is the “mega stage”  (right) 80′ X 35′ with 35′ to the ceiling and 28′ to the lighting grid.  This stage is a three walled Green Cyc but the green can be partially or fully covered by a sliding black velvet drape.  The other Astoria stages are pictured below. All are equipped with a TriCaster 855 and Live Streaming gear.  The stages are very quiet and have over 30 mb bandwidth.
green screen studio astoria
Astoria Studio Film Set 2
astoria green screen virtual set
Astoria Studio Film Set
Astoria Studio Film Set 3

Live Streaming Solutions For Any Occasion

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