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LED Cyclorama Virtual Sets

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Amazing new LED Wall Technology surpasses Green Screen to combine photorealistic virtual sets with live actors.

About Our Studio

The American Movie Company boast the largest LED Wall Cyclorama Studio in Manhattan.  It serves commercial, feature films, music, dance and fashion video producers.  The new LED technology has several advantages over the more traditional Green Screen Studio capabilities.

LED Wall Advantages over Green Screen Studio

  • The actors can actually see the virtual sets that surround them.  They don’t have to imagine their environment. They are actually immersed in it.
  • The lighting of the actors and physical props within the LED Cyclorama actually comes from the wall itself.  So all lighting is immediately more realistic and in place without the addition of more lighting fixtures and the time consuming effort to rig them.
  • An LED Wall can instantly change into whatever environment is required.  If the client wants green, or white or black it can instantly transform into that.
  • Unlike traditional green screen cycloramas one can move the camera… pan, zoom, dolly against the video wall.

LED Wall Technology

New LED Wall technology surpasses traditional Green Screen technology as it allows actors to see the virtual world around them and not have to imagine their environment.

What is an LED Video Wall?

An LED  video wall is a special multi-monitor setup that consists of multiple Direct View LED panels tiled together contiguously or overlapped so as to form one large screen.

New Disney+ Mandalorian Star Wars Series

The new Star Wars online saga, Mandalorian uses this cutting-edge technology to create the illusion of huge standing sets and vast alien landscapes within an LED Video Wall Cyclorama Stage in Los Angeles.

This tech is truly the future of cinema.  It’s the next step beyond Green Screen.  And coupled with amazing advancements in 4K/3D virtual set technology from companies like Unreal Engine the future is truly jaw-dropping.

This is the future of cinema.

This next iteration of motion picture technology gives filmmakers the ability to place actors into a 3D environment that literally surrounds them.  They see the virtual sets and can feel the virtual sunlight or moonlight on their faces and be totally immersed in a new and enthralling cinematic experience. 

Amazing New LED Video Wall Technology


  • Unlike first iterations of Green Screen, the camera is free to move.  It can be jib mounted to crane from high overhead shots down to ground level.  The camera can zoom, tilt, pan and dolly just as it would in an actual physical space.
  • Green Screen tecnology surrounds the actors with a wall of green.  They need to imagine the virtual world around them. If they are interacting with a robot or monster or standing on the edge of a virtual cliff, they can’t see it.  But in the LED virtual sets, the images on the wall are visable not only to the camera but to the actors themselves.
  • The lighting of the talent and physical props and set pieces comes from the LED wall itself.  So if, say, a virtual sun is high in the sky on camera right, it will illuminate the proper left side of the actors’ faces with total realism and provide proper day lighting for all the set elements.  This saves hours of traditional lighting but more importantly it creates totally realistic lighting instantly.
  • The creation of virtual sets has a huge advantage with the integration of Unreal Engine Virtual Sets.  The new Unreal 5 adds significant advantages to this process.

Mandalorian LED Virtual Set


Disney+ hit Star Wars series as well as several new spinoffs set in the Mandalorian era are all shot using this new technology.


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