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Alien Planet with man with his back to us . JT Trent JT Trent Director & Cinematographer

at American Movie Company

Jamie “JT” Trent

New York City  (ICG 600 Director of Photography)


Like many other notable award winning Australian’s in the film industry, JT is building a strong reputation as being a DP that delivers and consistently exceeds client expectations.

Coming from Sydney Australia, he found his way to Los Angeles for several years where he worked on his career in film as a Director/ DP before relocating to New York City.

JT brings an artistic eye and unique visual approach that can only be achieved from his 10,000 hours of experience as a professional DI Colorist. He combines these two skill sets together so it serves the script and creates images that highlight the material’s themes and enhances the storytelling.

JT has filmed multiple Feature Films, TV, Commercials and Short Films as well as Studio Level Proof of Concepts.

His unique background and familiarity with all workflows allows him to offer productions a variety of solutions to storytelling and budgetary challenges.

JT holds Permanent Residency in the US and Australian Citizenship. He is a member of IATSE Local 600, ACS, SOC, PGA and is available for work worldwide.

IMDb Resume:


Jamie Trent is a New York based cinematographer, colorist and producer.

Known in the film industry as JT, he talks about his journey from Sydney, Australia to Hollywood. After being told ‘it was impossible to succeed at all three disciplines’, JT saw this as an opportunity and is now an IATSE Local 600, Director of Photography. He is a proud member of the ACS Australian Cinematographers Society, a member of the PGA Producers Guild of America and is qualified to be on the roster with IATSE Local 700 as a colorist. He talks about an unstoppable determination, along with an unwavering work ethic, which enabled him to challenge the status quo. “Nothing is more important than believing in yourself and following your passion”.

Man about to be executed in the electric chair


   DISCOUNTED RENTAL RATES APPLY WITH       Commercial DP/ Equipment Packages


3 full packages.    Up to 50% off.



  • Ultracam 35. Set of 7 lenses
    Cooke S4 Set of 7 lenses
    Canon L w/Duclos Gears, Set of 7 lenses

·      TERADEK SDI wireless

·      BARTECH Follow Focus

·      KINOFLO MATTBOX/ Light Ring


·      MANFROTTO tripod

·      MOVI pro

·      STEADICAM, 35lb pay load

·      RONIN MX

·      RONIN 2

·      DRONE, INSPIRE II, 6k Camera

·      DRONE SOLO, 4k Camera

·      MONITOR, Panasonic 26” 10bit

·      LIGHTING packages for Interviews

·      DIT CART, Made to order

·      AUDIO, Made to order

Please ask if you want a breakdown of exact equipment listed above with rental rates.


·      Titanium PL, Canon EF OR BNCR mount
·      RED DSMC Side Handle
·      Full Metal Jacket Top plate
·      RED Pro Top Mount
·      RED Sliding Top Handle
·      RED Side Cheese Plate
·      EPIC 19mm Rod Top Plate
·      RED quick Release Base plate w/15mm & 19mm
·      15mm Universal Lightweight Rod Bracket
·      Set of 18” x 19mm Carbon Fiber Rods
·      DSMC Side 1.8 Mag Module
·      Sync RED Cable (genlock, TC, S/S)
·      Anton Bauer D-TAP 1 to 4 multitap


·      15mm Single ARRI follow focus or similar
·      RED Tactical with base plate kit
·      RED Carbon Fiber, Clip On Matte Box w/ Top Brow
·      RED Swat rails


·      4 x 256GB 1.8 SSD cards + 128gb SSD
·      2 x REDSstation 1.8 SSD card Readers. Includes 1 USB 3.0
·      eSATA SS, USB cable, FW800, DC power & usb 3.0 cables
·      Card Reader power supply cable &  Red Station 5V Power Plug
·      5 x REDvolt Batteries & 2 REDvolt chargers/or Quad Charger
·      5 x RED BRICK Batteries or equivalent w/ (2) Twin Charger
·      Side handle (either & or) rear quad Redvolt battery pack
·      SWTRNX V Mount JETPAK Battery Plate & Adaptor Plate
·      Anton Bauer D-TAP 1 to 4 multitap
·      AC Power Adapter (150w EPIC)


·      RED DSMC2 EVF (OLED) with +1 Adaptor OR
·      7” HDMI Monitor or 10″ HDMI Monitor w/ batteries
·      EVF Support Extension
·      RED 4.7″ OR 9” Touch screen LCD (based on availability)
·      Noga Arm or equivalent for HDMI monitor
·      Small Red Noga Arm or equivalent for Red monitor
·      2 x 12″ Red LCD/EVF Cable per 4.7” +
·      2 x 18″ Red LCD/EVF Cable per 9” or EVF
·      Olympus Microphone for scratch sound
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JT Trent Director & Cinematographer at American Movie Company

by | Jul 1, 2018

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