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RJ Yenesel, writer

RJ Yenesel, writer.

You might find the following tips and tricks useful.

Airplane Mode – This simple trick is probably the most overlooked battery saving feature for smartphone users.  When you’re not using your phone simply switch it to airplane mode to extend battery life.

The phone will charge TWICE AS FAST in Airplane Mode.  Oh, and you can also use Airplane Mode on an actual airplane!


Cache Google Maps – When you want to view a map in an area with a sketchy connection simply view the map on the screen then type in “ok maps” into the Google Maps search bar and that map will be viewable even without wi fi or cell signal.


Selfies with the Earbud Remote- While in camera mode use the volume + button to snap the picture. This allows you to take the picture without awkwardly having to push the button simultaneously.


Type Periods with the Spacebar – By simply double-tapping the spacebar you can type a period at the end of sentences. Not a terrible problem for us Mavis Beacon graduates.  But,  for someone who’s not as proficient with the keys,  this is a great little trick.


HDR Camera Mode – For a more dynamic picture using the iPhone 5, try using HDR. It uses two different exposures and combines them for a more detailed photo. It does take more time to process and shoot but it is worth it in order to get that one really great picture as opposed to just snapping a bunch.   HDR Mode is a great option to have.


Screenshot –  This is not necessarily a new feature of the iPhone 5, but a handy enough tool to make the list. To capture a screen shot on the iPhone 5, hit the power button on top and then the home button.  The screenshot will automatically save into the phone’s gallery. This can be useful for saving text conversations, emails, blackmail blog posts such as this one (inside joke) and basically anything – wherever your imagination takes you.


Safari Easily Add Domain – By holding down the period button in Safari it will bring up the common domain endings:  .com, .net, .org, .edu, and .us.   It is a handy trick and can save keystrokes if you use Safari often.


Make the Colors Black for Night Time Viewing – You can easily change the iPhone color scheme around to make it less strenuous on your eyes and easier to view at night by going to Settings => General => Accessibility => Turn on Invert Colors


I am certain there are other shortcuts and tricks, but hope you enjoyed the above and will make use of some.

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