Commercial Video

Our work ethic: Professionalism, Passion, Pride

  • Six Manhattan Studios
  • 4K/5K HFR Edit & VFX Suites
  • Directors & DP’s with Decades of Experience
  • 183 Commercials & Counting

We provide the highest quality Commercial Video Production in NYC!

We offer the full Commercial Video Production package:

  • In-House Creative
  • Six Manhattan Studios
  • 4K/5K HFR Edit & VFX Suites
  • Directors & DP’s with Decades of Experience
  • High-End Gear: Alexa & RED
  • Professional, Caring Crews
  • 183 Commercials & Counting

We love unique and/or large requests.

Our Commercials:

Inclusion Ping Pong Table Commercial

Client: Inclusion Table Tennis

Team Cocoa Vs. Team Fruity

Client: Post Foods

Edge Shaving Gel: Dream Job Contest

Client: Edgewell

El Tabador Helps out for the Holidays

Client: Koodo

La Cocchinella

Client: La Cocchinella

Why let us produce your commercial?

From its inception, the American Movie Company has been producing high-quality commercials.

Our founding staff got their starts in the eighties in the feature film world of 35mm cinematography. Budgets were always low yet expectations extremely high. The film and processing itself was a large part of the cost of each project. So, we learned to plan. Every detail was thought out and arranged well in advance. Failure was simply not an option. Clients saw how our low-cost feature films were attaining theatrical release and primetime spots on HBO and Network TV. They saw that they were produced on schedule and on budget. As time went on, more and more advertisers and agencies turned to AMC for economical yet highly professional commercial video production. They wanted feature film quality without bloated budgets. We have been delivering ever since.

Young woman in front of Green Screen - commercial production

We are only as good as your last project.

Every project must be approached as “mission critical”. Even the lowest of commercial budgets deserve the very best effort. Your entire team must be artistically, intellectually, and emotionally involved in the success of the venture. From casting to crewing to catering, every aspect is extremely important; it’s critical that the commercial client be respected and intimately involved. While the intended final product will be a labor of love, it must first and foremost represent our client’s intentions. Additionally, the budget must be respected. It is not quality at any price but quality at the price the client agrees to pay. These are the self-imposed creative production values that have set the American Movie Company apart from its competition.

At AMC, we are not “bean counters” trying to squeeze maximum profit form every deal. Every employee has jumped head first into this crazy industry because we love making movies. We all care about our end products more than the money we are payed. And if any staff or crew member starts to feel differently, they quickly lack a place on our team.

For you next commercial consult with us! We can meet with you, hear your ideas, understand your vision and then give you a proposal. We love being involved as early as possible in the creative process. This early involvement can save you time, money and produce a superior product.

Our Commercial Video Production Experience:

The founding staff of the American Movie Company have worked in commercial video production for over three decades; founder and CEO Bill Milling began in the early 80s with commercials shot on his at-the-time new 35mm Arri BL. Since then, we have moved on to:

  • Working as the full production entity for two national “ Coco Puffs” cereal commercials.
  • MilkCal, a milk based calcium product, was shot in our midtown studio. We wrote and co-produced this series of national commercials.
  • Commercial for Kadoo which was shot on an exterior location in New Jersey.
  • Liam Neeson spent a week in our Wall Street studio where our crew shot 4k video and extensive VFX for the London-based musical “War of the Worlds”.
  • A Verizon commercial was shot in our Walker Street Stage. We wrote and produced three local commercials as well at that location:
    • Alice’s Ice Cream
    • Gold Standard Gyms
    • Stress Out Vitamins
  • “Vahan Jewelry” commercials (shot and produced by Jacob Getz)
  • A commercial for Inclusion Table Tennis

Our Creative Talent:

AMC Producers Bill Milling and Arié Ohayon have written, produced, edited, and directed hundreds of projects including feature films, music videos, PSA’s, WebCasts, and, of course, commercials.

  • Bill Milling has written, produced and directed over 20 feature films.
  • Hernan Toro, DP, has shot 12 features, 15 shorts and 880 commercials.
  • Arié Ohayon, DP/Senior Editor, has written, produced and directed hundreds of 4K videos (commercials, music videos, pharmaceuticals, etc.).

Our Crew:

Our “A team” features an experienced DP, Camera Ops, DIT, Gaffer, Grip, Dolly Grip, Sound Recordist, Prompter Ops, etc. All are seasoned veterans who have worked with us on hundreds of productions including commercials, features, music videos, pharmaceuticals, and WebCasts.

Woman applying makeup to man

Our Equipment:

We own the following equipment. We can facilitate the rental and return of almost any piece of film equipment which we do not own.

Our Chelsea South Stage (Manhattan) has an Alexa Mini, RED Dragon, FS7, a full set of seven CP2 primes with Zeiss zoom, a Jimmy Jib, TriCaster 455, and great bandwidth.

Our Chelsea North Stages (Three Manhattan Stages) have four new Sony FS7 4K cameras, cannon 24 to 70mm lenses with the software package in our control room. We also own a fully loaded TriCaster 8000 with a 1 GB fiber link to the nearby Google Building where it can go to the web via satellite. Also located in this studio is a Brainstorm VFX Suite.

Our SoHo Stage has a TriCaster 850 Extreme and plenty of bandwidth. Although small, this Greenwich Village stage is very upscale and well equipped. (We recently shot there with Helen Mirren.)

Our Astoria “Mega Stage (80’ X 35’ with 30’ to the grid) is used by feature productions. We have an array of satellite dishes on the roof and three master control rooms to route video literally anywhere in the world without bandwidth issues.

RED Weapon Helium 8k Rental camera and lens

RED Weapon Rental | Movi | Lenses & Support Gear

CAMERAOur Day RateAdorama’s Day RateHandheld Film’s Day Rate
RED Weapon Helium 8k S35$1,000$1,500.00$2,200.00
Zeiss CP.2 28mm T2.1 (EF) Compact Prime Lens$35.00$55.00
Zeiss CP.2 50mm T2.1 (EF) Compact Prime Lens$35.00$55.00
Zeiss CP.2 85mm T2.1 (EF) Compact Prime Lens$35.00$55.00
Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM Art Lens$15.00
Sigma 50-100mm f/1.8 DC HSM Art Lens$15.00
Canon 100-400m (EF) f/4 L IS II$50.00$85.00
SmallHD 2403 HDR 24″ $200.00
DSMC2 RED Touch 7.0″ LCDO’Connor Mattebox w/ 15mm Rods(4) PAG PAGlink PL96e 14.8V V-Mount
DSMC2 SidekickBright Tangerine Misfit Atom Matte BoxPAG PAGlink V-Mount Micro Charger
RED Lemo Adaptors A/BO’Connor Follow FocusRED AC Power Cable
Freefly Lightweight LCD/EVF LEMO CableTIFFEN .3 .6 .9 1.2 NDs
Ultralight Control Systems Monitor Armikan PDL-F PD Movie Remote for MoviSOUND & CABLES
RED PRO 9’’ Monitor armSLS Blue Follow Focus for MoviSennheiser AVX Lavalier Set (ME2-II Lavalier)
RODE NTG3 Shotgun Mic
DSMC2 RED Touch 7.0″ LCDMonfrotto 504HDRED 1/4’ Microphoe Cable
DSMC2 SidekickManfrotto Aluminum 3-Section Studio Stand (51″ – 118″)
RED Lemo Adaptors A/BImpact Lowboy Folding Base Stand (30.7″ – 48.5″)
Freefly Lightweight LCD/EVF LEMO Cable
Ultralight Control Systems Monitor Arm
RED PRO 9’’ Monitor arm
Included with Rentals
RED Station MINI-MAG – USB 3.1
DSMC Quick Release Plate
DSMC2 V-Lock Battery Module
DSMC2 V-Lock I/O Expander
DSMC2 Universal Handle
DSMC2 Side Handle
RED Sidewinder
Outrigger Handle

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