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Every year, football fans around the country gather in their living rooms, yelling obscenities at the television, while they watch their team either win or lose at the Super Bowl.

However, for everyone else, the real entertainment value of the Super Bowl comes not from watching men chase after a ball, but from the commercials sprinkled in between. For years, Super Bowl ads have held the highest standard for televised advertisement. This year alone, airing an ad on CBS will cost companies around $5 million! So they better be good!

In anticipation of the upcoming Super Bowl, American Movie Company has put together a list of our all-time favorite Super Bowl commercials!


1. Cindy Crawford Slays the Super Bowl…Three Times!

Cindy appeared and seduced us all first, in 1992, then again in 2002, and then one last time in 2018. While Pepsi cans get continuously remodeled, there is one model that remains the ideal and needs no change.

2. Always “Like a Girl” 

Always released an inspirational ad campaign during the 2014 Super Bowl, delving into the negative connotations of the phrase “like a girl”. Careful! You might cry like a girl…or a guy…when you watch it. 

3. The Beginning of a New Era: Apple Launches Macintosh

4. Betty White Gets Hangry

Snickers’ genius Super Bowl ad featured Betty White being tackled while playing aggressively on a football field.  Is there anything else you’d need in a 30 second ad for a chocolate bar? Betty is a good bet!

5. FedEx’s Commitment to Delivery

FedEx’s 2003 Super Bowl commercial came out on top when it hilariously parodied Tom Hank’s hit film “Castaway”. It’s too bad Wilson didn’t make it out alive in their version either.

What’s your all-time favorite?

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