Behind The Scenes Video


Created, Produced, Directed by Jacob Getz at our Tribeca facility.  Stills shot by Jacob Getz, Jacob Getz Photography.  Video shot by AMC cameramen: Jason Krangel and Perry Katz.


BTS Video Edited and color corrected by AMC Senior editor, Arié Ohayon.

We encourage our clients to shoot BTS (Behind the Scenes Video) while they are in production of their main video production.

Today it’s no secret  that video is king.

So why not shoot some awesome behind the scenes video your event?

This footage is often invaluable in marketing their concept.  Clients sue short videos like this on their websites and in Social Media to drive brand awareness.

BTS footage shot on all of the following:

Behind The Scenes "New Jersey Mob Daughters"  MOW

Behind The Scenes Video “New Jersey Mob Daughters” MOW

BTS Video at Cosmetics Commercial AmericanMovie

BTS Video at Cosmetics Commercial American Movie Stages

Hair Commercial BTS Video

Hair Commercial BTS Video

Vodka Commercial BTS Video

Vodka Commercial BTS Video


We can shoot your BTS Video cost-effectively but more importantly with the same creativity and professionalism we lavish on the commercial itself.