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Saturday evening at Manhattan’s famed Plaza Hotel saw a fashionable and formally-dressed crowd mingling under the architecturally intricate arches of the hotel’s Grand Ballroom.  A stunning group of professionals were present for the prestigious International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) Awards Gala. 

AMC Celebrates the IAOTP Awards at the Plaza! 1

Cocktail dresses and lavishly adorned necklines glimmered underneath the light of the ballroom’s ornate, extravagant chandeliers.  Audible murmurs among the crowd of the elite added to the ambience as they took their place at tables decorated by carefully crafted centerpieces. It was a glamorous affair led by the belle of the ball herself, President of IAOTP, the multi-faceted, Stephanie Cirami. 

The American Movie Company’s team was present to photograph and film the award ceremony held to honor these select few whose accomplishments span several fields including business, art, law, and medicine.  Profits from the evening’s festivities are then to be distributed to several reputable charity organizations. The award recipients each boast impressive resumes and excell as authorities in their respective arenas.
One such name is Thomas Girardi, famed for winning the 1993 Pacific Gas and Electric Company case, memorialized in the hit film “Erin Brockovich”. Girardi was awarded Top National Trial Consumer Attorney for 2019 by the IAOTP that evening. 
Another recipient who put the crowd to shame was Dr. Jalaal Hayes, winner of Top Influential Chemist of the Year. Hayes graduated with a PhD from Delaware State University at the budding age of 22, the youngest in the university’s history. 

However, the highlight of the evening was the focus on honoring and recognizing well-established women in professional fields. This led to the introduction of the Central Park Medical Angels (CPMA), Non-Profit of the Year 2019 (pictured below). 

AMC Celebrates the IAOTP Awards at the Plaza! 2
AMC Celebrates the IAOTP Awards at the Plaza! 3
The “Angels” are described, by J. Solomon, as a group of brave women dedicated to “risking their lives to heal and save people in Haiti and other places in the world”. 


AMC Celebrates the IAOTP Awards at the Plaza! 4

At the helm of this diverse group of women is Dr. Shahnoz Rustamova (pictured above) , of Central Park Medical, and last year’s IAOTP Woman of the Year. Rustamova’s goal for CPMA is to provide basic supplies and utilities to Haitian communities, as well as much needed medical care.

AMC Celebrates the IAOTP Awards at the Plaza! 5
Samantha Meserati (pictured above), another member of CPMA, was also awarded by IAOTP for Artist of the Year. Much of Meserati’s work is inspired by the medical missions taken by the CPMA team to Haiti in 2017.


 After the awards were distributed and speeches came to a close, the night concluded as guests were served a deliciously decadent blackout cake redux that was savored to the harmonious tunes of the Chuck Braman Jazz Band. 


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