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Forget the nostalgia and old fashion of typical film reels, the age of digital film is here, and at the forefront of that new age is the Arri Alexa Digital Camera. With more and more movies using the amount of special effects and blue or green screen that they use it is becoming increasingly practical and efficient to use digital cameras. Digital cameras open many great opportunities to film makers as they allow them to start post-production on the very day when footage is shot. With this advantage of speed film makers can not only finish their film quicker they can also make sure that things develop in the way they want. If problems in post-production became apparent then it will be easier to re-shoot scenes because they were shot only a day or two prior and so everyone should still be available and on location.

The Alexa is a fantastic Digital Camera and has seen great success in such blockbuster special effect hits like “Iron Man 3” and “Life of Pi”. The Alexa also helped “Skyfall” accomplish its beautiful cinematography and has even found great success in less special effect driven films like “Amour”. The Alexa is well suited for both blue and green screen work but for technical reasons works best with green screen. The Alexa is not only great for special effects intensive movies but for period pieces as well. The Alexa is actually well suited to shooting scenes even with archaic lighting, such as scenes where only candles and torches are used. The Alexa with its high exposure index can get great quality shots in even the darkest of locations with minimal lighting. If you want to get an older look for a film the Alexa is still a great choice as it is widely compatible with lenses of even great age. Of course the Alexa is just as compatible with the most state of the art lenses as well. The Alexa is also very light for the great work that it does and in combination with good steadicam allows for smooth shots that require a lot of camera movement.

The Alexa Camera at Work

The Alexa Camera at Work

The audio recording of the Alexa is in and of itself quiet powerful and can again cut down on materiel costs and preparation time. The Alexa is also a very study camera, capable of surviving falls and blunt force that would damage normal film cameras. The Alexa also works just as well in sweltering heat as it does in weather as cold as -36ºC. The Alexa importantly also does great work and is not too much of a burden on film budgets. The Alexa has even seen great success when filming in the midst of sandstorms.

The Alexa is being increasingly used in all fields of media, from blockbuster movies, advertisements, music videos, to television series. Television series have been increasingly turning towards the Alexa because it allows for affordable but movie quality filming. The Alexa’s efficiency and popularity also transcends borders as it has been increasingly used in America and other countries like China.

The Alexa is an invaluable camera for all that is can achieve and it should be ready used by anyone interested in filming pristine footage for any type of media project. The Alexa is easily rented from places like the American Movie Company. While Arri’s Alex Camera may do a great job of capturing the present they are assuredly carving a smooth and beautiful pathway for the future of film.

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