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BTS | Alec Baldwin at Zynga's Words With Friends 10th Anniversary Promo Shoot! 1

Alec Baldwin Had Words… Words With Friends! AMC and Zynga Shot the Promo! We can’t stay mum!

BTS | Alec Baldwin at Zynga's Words With Friends 10th Anniversary Promo Shoot! 2

This production would not have been as successful without the expertise and passion of our entire outstanding production team.  Words fail me.  Apologies to all those I must leave out of this short list.

Director- Alex Coppedge 

Producer – Michael Gonzalez

Production Coordinator – Leah Sammak


Our spectacular Chelsea South Studio served as the stage for this fantastic promotional campaign for Zynga’s Words With Friends 10th Anniversary promo shoot. But that’s not all! AMC was tasked with coordinating and producing the entire event.  Our team was excited to be part of such a fun gig!  They were at a loss for words, but went above and beyond as usual.

We’d like to thank our amazing crew and single out a few departments: camera, electric and grip, art and glam.  Everyone was on their game!   Production Assistants,  Teleprompter Operators, and, of course, the Behing-the-Scenes videographers stayed focused!  All went well.  

BTS | Alec Baldwin at Zynga's Words With Friends 10th Anniversary Promo Shoot! 3

Watch this wonderful bit from our shoot with Alec Baldwin at our Chelsea South Studio.  Can’t resist – we must brag a bit.  Doesn’t our studio look fantastic?  Big props to our director, Alex Coppedge, an accomplished professional dedicated to his craft.

Feeling a bit guilty about leaving out names of those who made this gig great fun.  So, shoutouts to more people that worked on this incredible production.

Teleprompter Operato, par excellence, Zack Breheney,  made certain that Alec Baldwin’s words were, indeed,  his friends!

Lou Blackmon wears many hats.  Here he checked  that the set was properly lit and served as grip,  At other times he is a Director of Photography for AMC.

Special thanks to Libi Herz for being a spectacular PA!  She is always eager to help and does so in a positive, genial manner!

Leah Sammak, a meticulous, thorough, Senior Production Coordinator loved this outing.  She and I work closely.  No kidding!  She is sitting right next to me as I write this.  She tells me, “It was a fantastic experience, everyone was great and professional! . I loved how the spots turned out!”  Leah is an incredible asset to AMC.  Talk about professionalism!  She embodies it!  Am glad to count her as a friend!  Word!


Zynga and Alec Baldwin Partner to Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Iconic Mobile Game, Words with friends. American Movie Company was there to make it happen!

This past August, Zynga, a global leader in interactive entertainment, announced a marketing partnership with Emmy award-winning actor, producer and director Alec Baldwin.  The word was that the company’s 10-year anniversary was to be marked by celebrating the forever franchise Words With Friends.   

 Launched in 2009, Words With Friends has become the #1 social mobile word game in the United States. The game’s success throughout this decade has been nothing less than amazing.  Players connect through quick and clever wordplay and commit to having fun with words!  Fans for life!

Read more about this epic partnership on the Zynga site here.

BTS | Alec Baldwin at Zynga's Words With Friends 10th Anniversary Promo Shoot! 4

Watch the AMC Team in Action!

What an epic shoot! Soon enough the post-production team will release all the promotional content created for Zynga.  However, the end result is not all that matters. We have a nice behind-the-scenes video for your enjoyment. Many thanks to our BTS DP Zack Grullon for this great footage. Fun Fact: This footage was shot with the New Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K, which we have available for rental at AMC.

This is a special BTS Video because it shows one of our top studios is Manhattan, Chelsea South. By the way, it has various stages to shoot, including a three wall white cyc stage. This production was shot on the fourth floor, which is huge.   You need to check it out!  The video also shows our  teleprompters in action, along with cameras, lighting and grip equipment and some of our crew professionals.

Behind-the-Scenes: Alec Baldwin at the Promo Shoot for Zynga’s Words With Friends 2

Words With Friends, anyone?  Come play with Alec Baldwin!  

Download the app to play, but also so that you can get all the wonderful promotional content the AMC crew and Alec Baldwin worked so hard to create.

Work with us! Our producers and coordinators are here to get the job done. Book our Green Screen or White Cyc Studios for a music video, promotional campaign or big movie scene. Ask about our innovative AR/VR Production Services. Get the nations’s top Teleprompter Rentals and Operators. Let us work for you!

Let American Movie Company exceed your expectations!


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BTS | Alec Baldwin at Zynga’s Words With Friends 10th Anniversary Promo Shoot!

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