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If you’ve happened on our previous article, “Netflix’s Split with Apple Will Ruin Your Sundays!”,  you’ll know we’re obviously extremely heartbroken over the fact that we can no longer AirPlay Netflix from the convenience of our IOS devices on to our television screens. 

To spite Netflix, we’ve created a list of Non-Netflix binge-worthy television shows that will try and repair the Netflix-sized hole in our heart. 

…and that will be the last time I type Netflix for the rest of the article.


1. “Catastrophe” (Amazon Prime)

5 Shows To Binge Watch Now That Netflix Has Ruined Sundays 1

Brilliantly written by its leads, “Catastrophe” stars Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney as two strangers that meet in a London bar, flirt shamelessly, and continue on to a seven day reckless affair before Delaney’s character, Rob, has to return to his home in America. However, things take a surprising turn when Horgan’s Sharon finds herself pregnant. The series gives hilarious insight to a realistic relationship between two regular people struggling to juggle finances, children and their relationship with each other. 

Another bonus in favor of the show are scene-stealing moments from Carrie Fisher as Rob’s difficult American mother.

Check out the trailer here! 

2. “Pen15” (Hulu)

5 Shows To Binge Watch Now That Netflix Has Ruined Sundays 2

If millennials are not ready to sit and stare at a screen while both cringing, smiling, laughing and crying simultaneously, then Pen15 should be avoided at all costs. The adult comedy focuses on the coming-of-age story of Anna and Maya, at the beginning of their 7th grade year. The show’s original concept comes from the fact that its leads are 13 year old characters. They are played by the show’s creators Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle, who are both women in their early thirties.

Check out the trailer here! 

3. Fleabag (Amazon Prime)

5 Shows To Binge Watch Now That Netflix Has Ruined Sundays 3

Fleabag is a tragic comedy – or better yet, a hilarious tragedy – that stars Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the show’s creator and writer, as the titular character, Fleabag. She is irresponsible, impulsive and thoughtless, narrates her own story as she slowly tries to piece her life together after the loss of her best friend, Boo. The show’s characters are all terrible in a way that is absolutely spectacular, with the highest tier of terrible characters occupied by Olivia Coleman’s Godmother.

The series is short, easy to ride through, but leaves you reflecting well after it ends; which works well if you start now as its second season is revving for its debut on May 17th, so you have ample time to reflect on the brilliance that is “Fleabag”.

Check out the trailer here! 

4. Love Island (Hulu)

5 Shows To Binge Watch Now That Netflix Has Ruined Sundays 4

Every list needs a trashy guilty pleasure, and “Love Island”, without a doubt, is ours. If you need to turn your brain off for a day, this is the show for you.  Be careful, as it’s extremely addictive and you may end up spending an entire week binging all four seasons, which will leave you with less IQ points than you started with and an atrocious attempt at a British accent that you can’t seem to shake off (this may or may not be a cautionary tale from my own experiences down the “Love Island” rabbit hole)

The show’s premise revolves around its imprisonment of twelve extremely attractive single contestants in an isolated, lavish villa in Spain. These magical beings then spend around forty episodes lounging around a pool, forming relationships with one another. Boring contestands are voted out every few episodes, with more bikini and speedo clad semi-models are brought in to tempt the taken. 

Say goodbye to the next 32 hours of your life! 

Check out the contestants here! 

5. Hanna (Amazon Prime)

5 Shows To Binge Watch Now That Netflix Has Ruined Sundays 5

Fans of the popular crime drama The Killing will rejoice at the reunion of its two main actors, Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman, in Amazon’s Prime new thriller Hanna. 

Hanna, based on the 2011 film of the same name, follows an exceptional young girl with a gift, that is desperately trying to evade a CIA agent’s (Enos) relentless manhunt for her, with the help of her father (Kinnaman). 

There’s action, drama, and the undeniable chemistry between Kinnaman and Enos (that some spent four seasons of The Killing watching in anticipation) to enjoy!



Check out the trailer here! 

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5 Shows To Binge Watch Now That Netflix Has Ruined Sundays

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