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The Highest Quality Virtual Sets

3D Photorealistic Sets With Full Production Services for TV & Film

Live CameraMatch Move | Virtual Studio | Unreal Engine

Green Screen Stage With Motion Capture (MoCap) Sensors

and XYZ Jib Technology for Live 3D Compositing

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VR & AR Production

Watch Bill Milling talk about our Virtual Reality Sets in this video.

Or call him for information about booking and cost estimates.

Virtual Set Demo Video

Watch the video below to see, not only the exceptional photo-real quality of our sets, but also the way one can track live actors through the 3D/4K virtual environment with a camera on jib, handheld, etc in real time.  This is an exclusive feature thanks to our Unreal Gaming Engine. 

Sports Venue: Live Players / Virtual Fans

  • A photo real virtual stadium
  • Stands filled with 3D Augmented Reality Figures.
  • Figures are photo realistic.
  • Figures are animatd with  data from a motion capture suit worn by a real fan.
  • Our technology composites the real players into the virtual stadium filled with the 3D fans in real time, in the same shot during an actual live soccer game on TV.
4K 3D Highest Quality Virtual Sets: Soccer Stadium
Virtual Stage

ON A DIFFERENT GREEN SCREEN STAGE (Virtual Reality Set Continued)

In those cases where a client would prefer to use their own green screen facility, we can provide either still images and/or video of our photo real 3D/4K sets so that the clients can do the compositing on their own.

Also Check out our 3D / 360 Video Production Services.

The benefit of this approach would be that the client could use their own studio, anywhere in the world to record the live action and then to either do the final composite themselves or ask us to do it.

As the ability to actually move the camera within the Real/Virtual mixed environment is dependent on our Green Screen 2.0 technology the only way to fully achieve the full effect would be to use our system.  However, the quality of these 4K sets would be vastly superior to other such virtual sets on the market.

Our  Green Screen 2.0 system requires that detailed information from ,not only the camera, but the lenses be programed into the supercomputer.

But if we are only supplying non moving backgrounds they can be used with any professional camera and lens combination on any qualaity green screen stage

Virtual Sets: Executive Office Interior Leather Couches
3D/4K Virtual Sets Train Station

3D/4K Virtual Set – Train Station

Living Room - White - beautiful decor
Bar - red piece of furniture
News Live News desk at TV Studio with Presenters Rigged model
Virtual Sets - Virtual Museum Lobby & Logo
Futuristic City 4K Virtual Set

Futuristic City 4K Virtual Set

Cartoon 3D Virtual Set - Ice Cream Parlor

Cartoon 3D Virtual Set – Ice Cream Parlor

3D Virtual Set Warehouse

3D Virtual Set – Warehouse

Modern Office Interior Virtual Set

Modern Office Interior Virtual Set

3D Talk Show 2 - Virtual Set

3D Talk Show 2 – Virtual Set

Futuristic City 4K Virtual Set

Futuristic City 4K Virtual Set

3D 4K Virtual Sets: Commercial Kitchen 9A
Mansion Virtual Set

Mansion Virtual Set

3d Virtual Set - World War Memorial - Structure outdoors
Virtual Museum Exterior NYC

Virtual Museum Exterior NYC

4K 3D Highest Quality Virtual Sets | Unreal Engine | Virtual Studio

by | May 24, 2018

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