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4K / 6K Video Production NYC

New York City’s Premier Production Company

  • Feature Film & Commercial Crews
  • Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K Cameras
  • Five Manhattan Sound Stages
  • Professional Production Staff

4K / 8K Video Production

We are the New York “go-to-guys” for major motion pictures set in NYC, but shot elsewhere.

The American Movie Company writes, produces and directs low-budget feature films (under five million) and acts in various production capacities for larger studio productions.

Decades of professional experience, coupled with pride and care about our work, produces consistent high quality on a budget.

Choosing the American Movie Company for your video production needs can provide several benefits. Here are some key advantages of working with a reputable company like us:

Experience and Expertise: We have been in the industry for many years, accumulating extensive experience and expertise in video production. Our team of professionals understands the intricacies of the process and can offer valuable insights and guidance to ensure the success of your project.

High Production Value: Known for its commitment to delivering high-quality productions. We have access to state-of-the-art equipment, advanced technology, and skilled crew members who can capture and produce videos with exceptional production value. This attention to detail can elevate the overall quality and impact of your video content.

Diverse Range of Services: We offer a wide range of video production services to cater to various needs. Whether you require corporate videos, commercials, promotional videos, training videos, or live event coverage, we have the expertise to handle different types of projects.

Our goal is to bring your vision to life in the most creative way and within your budget.

We have seven Green Screen Studios throughout NYC.

The American Movie Company provides a complete array of local video production services: crews and production teams, including production exec, production supervisor, line producer, PM, AD, POC, etc.

We offer production office space, location scouting and management, interface with local unions and casting services as well as a wide selection of cameras (Arri, RED, Sony, and Blackmagic), grip and lighting equipment.

Decades of hard work, research, and accumulated experience have brought us to the cutting edge of high quality video production.  While at present, we create most videos in multi-camera 4K to meet our clients’ high expectations, we also shoot 5K HFR and, on occasion, 6K and 8K video.

In addition to managing five Manhattan green screen sound stages, we shoot commercials, feature films, music videos, children’s series, and PSA’s. On occasion we shoot with IMAX cameras. We have shot on location in over eighty-five countries.

Chelsea Prime Green Screen - Video Production NYC

We are one of the leading WebCasting production teams on the East Coast. 

Our five TriCasters and LiveStream FlyPack video streaming production rigs are manned by our highly experienced, NewTek certified operators. For years, we have been broadcasting the highest rated program on Mark Cuban’s Axis TV, Live from The Gotham Comedy Club. It airs every Thursday night.

Our Chelsea North midtown WebCasting facility boasts a state-of-the-art TriCaster 8000 with a 1 GB fiber line directly to the nearby Google Building where it joins the web hub or uplinks the feed to any satellite for worldwide transmission. Additionally, this is one of the very few facilities in NYC to feature the latest iteration of the amazing new Brainstorm Technology.

If your WebCast is needed in an environment lacking internet, that’s no problem. We have 4G bonded cellular gear to connect to the web when all else fails.

Curious about what’s in store for the American Movie Company?
Check out the Virtual Reality Page!

We do hassle-free NYC aerial video.


Arial Drone

Our drone fleet, which can carry fully rigged RED and Alexa cameras are flown by experienced camera operators who are licensed pilots; all of our NYC aerial video and photography is not only beautifully shot but also completely legal (and therefore hassle-free for our clients).

Our Teleprompter Rental service is the largest in North America.

Teleprompter Rental

The American Movie Company is the owner/operator of TeleprompterRental, the largest teleprompter service company in North America. We provide standard teleprompters, presidential teleprompters, Interrotrons, EyeDirects, and more.

We have operated teleprompters for a wide variety of high profile clients including Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, Michelle Obama, Beyonce, and Oprah Winfrey.

Shot with 4 RED Weapon Cameras at 5K HFR

The American Movie Company writes, produces and directs low-budget feature films.

We also act in various production capacities for larger studio productions such as “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” (35mm Anamorphic with Panavision cameras) “Lucky Number Slevin”, “Third Miracle”, “Senseless”, “54”, and “The Late Shift”. We pride ourselves as being the New York “go-to-guys” for major motion pictures set in NYC but shot elsewhere.

We’ve also created content for virtually every major TV series; such shows include “The Sopranos”, “30 Rock”, “Gossip Girl”, “CSI NY”, “Dexter”, “The West Wing”, “Mad About You”, “Friends”, “Will & Grace”, “Everybody Loves Raymond”, “Conviction”, “The X Files”, “How I Met Your Mother”, “Smallville”, and “Without A Trace”.

Our extensive documentary experience includes the Greek segment of the IMAX feature “The Living Planet” and the award-winning CNN documentary “Beneath The Southern Ocean”. Our AMC producer, director, writer team constituted 2/3rds of the United States’ film crew with FIBEX (The First International Biomass Expedition into The Antarctic).

4K Video Production: Low Budget Film Production- Mortal Instruments


URSA Broadcast 2G

URSA Mini Pro 4.6K

While we specialize in Blackmagic Cameras, we can often get you great prices on others.

Please email us with a list of camera equipment, lenses and accessories you need and we’ll get back to you with a killer quote.

The extreme exposure range and color correction range are part of what made Alexa camera famous. Filmmakers love the immersive levels of detail and rich cinematic heritage.

Red Cameras are another epic video production tool, most notably in the fashion field. The modular architecture makes customization a breeze.

We also supply competitive and best pricing options on many other cameras and lenses for your 4k video production.


Ursa Broadcast 6K Camwera American Movie Company

➣ Emmy Award-Winning Production Team
➣ Professional 4K, 5K HFR Cinematography
➣ 4K Editing Suites, CGI VFX Artists
➣ Sound Stages, Green Screen, White Cyc Studios
➣ Commercial, Corporate Video, Music Video Production

➣ WebCasting & Event Video Specialists
➣ Cutting-edge Brainstorm Technology
➣ Ursa Mini 4.6K,  Sony FS7 and Blackmagic 4K
➣ Extensive, Grip, Lighting & Sound Packages
➣ Digital Compositing & Color Correction Experts

Wise-Girls movie poster
Another 9 ½ Weeks poster
Lucky-Number-Slevin movie poster
Vodka Commercial BTS Video
54 movie poster
American Movie Company Award 2022
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