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Twisted Pixels’  Wilson’s Heart

New 360 VR game packs a narrative punch into a virtual reality experience like no other game before it.

Virtual Reality is a burgeoning technology in the field of gaming. And, just as developers are becoming more and more comfortable with the medium, the technology continues to keep pace with the kind of experiences gamers want to have.

Wilson’s Heart, the recent release of game studio Twisted Pixel, showcases the unique storytelling ability of virtual reality. Take a look at UploadVR’s glowing review for the new game. Beware, the video does disclaim that it may spoil some minor story elements.


Playing the new exclusive on Oculus Rift – Wilson’s Heart. A linear horror story. Streamed live on Twitch.


Twisted Pixels’  Wilson’s Heart

Terrifying 360 VR Oculus Rift Game

by | May 15, 2017 | 360 VIDEO, 360 VR, 4K Ultra HD Video, VFX

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Terrifying 360 VR Oculus Rift Game
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