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WebCasting Gear

BM ATEM TV studio fly rig equipped with 16 channel mixer, 4 x wireless Senn lavs, 2 x wireless Senn handhelds, Hyperdeck Studio recorder

· (3) JVC GYHM180 cameras (HD/4K) SDI/HDMI output

· JVC GYHM600 (HD) SDI/HDMI output

· Roland V-1 switcher

· Roland VR50HD switcher

· LED lighting kits Dual Color

· LED up-lighting with DMX controller

· Digital and analog audio mixers

· Full sound system Powered ALTO with 18 subs and full range 15 tops

· Wireless mic system (SENN and LINE6)

· Pipe and drape 60 feet W x 8’ H

· (2) PTZ cameras with remotes

· VMIX Desktop and Laptop systems

· Livestream Studio system

· MEVO Plus system

· Blackmagic Cinema 2.5 with prime cine lens kit

· Teleprompter (on-camera and multi-display configuration)

· Accessories include: slider, micro-jib

· Other cameras: OSMO plus, GoPros, Canon 7D, Sony NXCam5, Stabilizers, Gimbal, Drone

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