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Live Streaming Video Production & WebCasting Services

For more details about WebCasting and to schedule your next event, please contact:

Bill Milling:

Call (917) 414-5489 or email [email protected]


Call (646) 617-6535 or email

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We also serve:

Sandy Springs
Bina tip of the hat - visiting producer
The American Movie Company extended an invitation for me to lend my skills to their staff here in this fabulous city.  I have been in the film business for quite a few years.  I have been not only an executive producer and therefore know all the intricacies of the business.  I have supervised and overseen countless shoots both here in the states and in Europe.  I am versant in all aspects including WebCasting.  This is our focus at the moment, although rentals of Teleprompters and Confidence Monitors are not neglected.  We are involved in the planning of several major projects this summer.  We are eager and looking forward to what’s ahead.
Bill Milling-917-414-5489
Miranda Sherrell
212-219-1075 Icon Number
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