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Tricaster 8000 in control room with monitors and control surface
Arie Ohayon headshot man with grey hair mustache and multi-colord scarf

Arié Ohayon, Senior WebCasting Technician

A photo of the powerful TriCaster 8000.

A photo of the powerful TriCaster 8000.

By Joshua Handler


The TriCaster is one of the most powerful new pieces of technology out today.  It is a device by NewTek that allows a person to edit a show, place in digital sets, live stream it, and more simultaneously.  It is also a single unit that is very portable, yet not very affordable.  If someone would want a TriCaster, their best bet would be to rent it from a place like the American Movie Company.

 “[The TriCaster] now has social media features…”


TriCasters come in many different models.  As if the TriCaster didn’t already have enough interesting functions, it now has social media features.  People at the Streaming Media East Conference in New York City got to take a class recently in these new social media functions.

Social media has taken off in the past couple of years with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  It can be used for absolutely everything.  Film marketers have taken to Facebook and Twitter to advertise their films.  Some of marketing campaigns have spread like wildfires and caused many small films to be sensations that would have otherwise passed under most people’s radars.

LinkedIn is used as a professional tool that is still fun and easy to use and Twitter is best for marketing and those who want as close to a direct link from thought to computer as possible.

“These social media functions will be available exclusively on the TriCaster 8000, the most powerful TriCaster available for purchase.”


Now that TriCasters have social media functions, who knows what one can do.  A streamer can possibly stream directly to social media.  If a streamer is streaming a big, highly anticipated event, then by advertising it on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and subsequently streaming it directly to one of those platforms, they will increase their audience exponentially.  These social media functions will be available exclusively on the TriCaster 8000, the most powerful TriCaster available for purchase.

The TriCaster 8000 allows for an operator to switch between multiple cameras and also allows one to put in dazzling animated transitions.  As an event is streamed through a TriCaster, it is also recorded, which allows people to keep the recordings and post them online at a later time if they need to.

“The American Movie Company rents TriCasters and will soon have NewTek-certified TriCaster operators…”


The American Movie Company rents TriCasters and will soon have NewTek-certified TriCaster operators to save you from having to learn the TriCaster in order to rent it.  Renting TriCasters is far cheaper than buying one.  TriCasters can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars, which is not in most people’s price range.

The American Movie Company has used TriCasters to stream many events including weekly shows from the Gotham Comedy Club.  The American Movie Company is located at 81 Walker Street in the Tribeca area of New York City and is the home of a green screen studio and teleprompter rental house.

Call the American Movie Company at 212-219-1075

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