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Lets take a look at a great piece of equipment, for videographers. If you ever had an interest in broadcasting events for a small organization, like a church or a school, and you looked in to it. You would probably have found that the equipment for such an endeavor is pretty extensive, and expensive. A Television studio generally takes up a huge space, and requires several people to operate. Now it is possible to do all this with much less space, and with the help of one small piece of equipment, called a Tricaster. Not only that, but it also makes it possible to do it over the Internet, with streaming.

Tricaster: WebCasting Control Room at AMC Studio NYC

TriCaster & WebCasting Control Room at AMC Studio NYC

On Newtek’s web page, they have a chart that compares 6 different models of Tricaster. The TriCaster Studio, TriCaster 300, TriCaster 450, TriCaster 450 Extreme, TriCaster 850, and the TriCaster 850 Extreme. My interest is in a piece of equipment to help me do streaming of weekly talks over the web. We are a non-profit organization, so we have a pretty small budget to work with (if any). So I am going to concentrate on the TriCaster Studio model, and point out which models have additional benefits, for people who need more.

TriCaster 850

The TriCaster 850, is basically a box, small enough to fit into a backpack. It looks like a small piece of rack mount equipment, with an array of connectors on the front. The case is black, and has a couple handles on the front, like most rack mount stuff. The thing is really a powerhouse. You can connect 8 live cameras to it at a time, and record up to 20 hours of video. It will let you switch sources at the push of a button, so you can have one camera on a speaker, and then just push a button, and it will show a segment he is referring to on another input, push it again, and switch back to the speaker. Just like they do on the news. The feature that really interests me is the live stream. I can do all this stuff, and play it live to a huge audience on the Internet, at the push of a button. Having actually done live audio streaming on the Internet, that would be something to see. Of course you have to have a web streaming service, as well. One of the neat things this thing aslo does, is virtual studio. If you only have a very small space to work with, you can use green screen, and the TriCaster has a huge studio set built right in, and it will put the speaker right in there. It looks very impressive. This is just a very basic overview of what this thing does. The other models that are available have even more features, and expanded features over what is in the TriCaster 850.

I’m very impressed with this device. I would love to have the opportunity to use one, and maybe some day with some creative financing, it could become a reality. There are also services out there that offer Tricaster rentals, for someone who just needs one for a project, and doesn’t want to buy one for that. This device should cover just about any video editing you might want to do for a small business, or to offer media services, as a private contractor. I would give this a close look if that is what you are looking for as well.

What can a TriCaster do for you? | TriCaster & LiveStream Flypack Rental NYC

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