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Get to know TriCasters and TriCaster Rentals.


What is a TriCaster?

A TriCaster is a single piece of technology that combines multiple technologies into one box. TriCasters can switch between cameras if using a multi-camera set-up, they can edit videos on the spot, they can insert live animations into the video, and they can create 3D models.

What can the TriCaster be used for?

Do you ever wonder how you can see multiple camera angles during a baseball event?  Ever sad that your beloved cousin in France can’t attend your wedding?  You may wonder how these very different questions relate.  The answer has to do with TriCasters.  The TriCaster can allow you to live stream any event to any part of the world.  If Uncle Charlie’s daughter is getting married in Tahiti and you don’t have the time or resources to fly out there, you can view this wonderful event from the comfort of your home on either your computer or your television through the use of a TriCaster.

If you are running a sporting event or producing a TV show with a multiple camera set up, you can create a thrilling, intimate, yet large scale experience with the TriCasteras the TriCaster can switch between multiple camera angles to show that wide shot of the stadium directly before switching in to show that slam dunk.

When streaming this sporting event from your TriCaster, you can add in digital animations and effects to highlight that football trajectory or the yard lines on the field.


What TriCaster models does the American Movie Company have?

Currently we hold three models: the 40, 455 and 855.


The 855 is the most advanced out of all three models. It allows up to 8 cameras, 5 digital media players, 2 network channels for audio and video sharing, 9 channels for static graphics. The multi-track video is the main feature of the 855, as it performs the function of 8 cameras without the added space being taken up. With built-in background sets, there are infinite functions that the 855 can perform hassle-free, as it is easy to travel with.


One other kind of model is the TriCaster 455.  This incredible piece of technology lets you go live with up to four cameras.  It is also very compact and can be added to any studio.  No need to move all of your equipment around to make way for the newest massive piece of technology.  In addition, you can create your own custom effects and add in animated transitions.  The files produced are universal files, meaning they can be opened on Macs, Windows, and TriCasters.  Also, you can record and stream simultaneously, allowing you to stream your video to your audience while recording it to save for a later time.  Finally, the audio on the TriCaster 455 can be controlled by remote via iPad.


The 40 provides video switching with 4 cameras and contains 3 media players including videoclip playback, titles and other graphics. It works with 1080i, 720p, 480i 16:9 and 480i 4:3. It is compatible with HD and SD component video.

Who are TriCaster Rentals?

We are a skilled group of industry professionals who specialize in many areas of film production.  We are a branch of the American Movie Company.

Do I have to learn how to operate TriCasters or does TriCaster Rentals’ staff operate?

TriCaster Rentals staff has NewTek certified TriCaster operators on staff.  We do the work for you!

Why would I use TriCaster Rentals instead of simply buying my own TriCaster?

The answer is simple: convenience and money.  TriCasters are extremely expensive pieces of equipment that can be rented for low prices from TriCaster Rentals.  Additionally, TriCaster Rentals has skilled operators who can do the job for you and save you quite a bit of trouble.

Where is TriCaster Rentals located?

We are located at 81 Walker Street, New York, NY, 10003.  Our phone number is (914) 414-5489.  Please do not hesitate to call us.  We look forward to doing business with you!


Thank you from all of us at TriCaster Rentals!

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