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TriCaster™ 450 EXTREME™ and the optional TriCaster 450 CS control surface give you a hands-on connection to live production. Source for source. Function for function. This 14-channel, 2U rack mount HD portable live production system is designed to goon the road or in the rack. It has a slim new price, too. It features IsoCorder™ technology that lets you record up to four channels, simultaneously. You can even go wireless with Apple® AirPlay® support and deliver video and audio from iOS devices, like iPad®, iPod®, and iPhone®. iKnow. It’s cool.

Powerful and compact, TriCaster 450 EXTREME lets you:

  • Make changes on the fly with TriCaster 450 CS and control the media in your DDR with the TriCaster 850 TW
  • Connect and Record up to four channels of video, simultaneously with IsoCorder technology
  • Get up to 40 hours of HD recording
  • Record in multiple formats and resolutions with adjustable audio headroom
  • Go wireless with Apple AirPlay support from any iOS device to get instantcompatibility with any AirPlay-enabled app
  • Create full-color animation store transitions with embedded audio and alpha channel
  • Get advanced audio control with an integrated compressor/limiter and seven-band equalizer
  • Push one button to stream live in HD with simultaneous archive
  • Configure, store and import your favorite streaming set-ups as presets
  • Access online CDN accounts, even during live production, with an integrated Web browser
  • Create and save complex switcher effects to a single button
  • Have 24 HD live virtual sets and advanced matte generation
  • Get the look of a sophisticated studio setting in a limited space
  • Create custom virtual sets or double-box effects with optional TriCaster Virtual Set Editor (VSE)
  • Expand your workspace with multi-view monitor output
  • Connect a projector or big screen for IMAG video output
  • Use as a desktop or rack mount system

Tricaster 450 Extreme Features

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