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By Ari Bernstein

We sent a Webcasting team to Fashion Week UK to capture Rihanna’s new collection. 

Rihanna Fashion Show – London Fashion Week 2013

Upon hearing that pop star Rihanna would be designing her own clothing line, we imagined it would resemble the tight, low-cut, flashy ensembles she wears on stage. 

On the contrary, we were greeted with attire that was simple, relatively modest (by no means flashy) and on the dramatic side.  Materials included satin and denim with reds, navy, yellows and black.  Some models also sported dresses that were semi-sheer with black and white floral patterns while others wore denim mini skirts with t-shirts of the same material.  The collection is geared towards a younger crowd that is physically fit.

We set up our TriCaster 850 backstage and the webcast it helped us to create reached more than 40,000 people.  The tweets we received in response were very satisfying.

We used a TriCaster 850 to broadcast Rihanna’s fashion designs to her fans.

Rihanna’s new collection – Fashion Week, London 2013

During her brief appearance on stage, Rihanna looked happy but rather shy.  She wore a low cut dress that her fans may have been more used to.  Judging by the applause, the collection seems to have been well received by those who think Rihanna can do no wrong.  I hear there were many, however, who resented her presence and thought her collection was slutty.  They were aghast that London Fashion Week became Rihanna Fashion Week.

Rihanna continues to intrigue.

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