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NewTek 3 Replay Reinvented

TriCaster 3 Play 820

NewTek 3Play™ 820, a 10-channel (eight-in, two-out), slow motion system supports simultaneous display, recording, and instant replay of up to eight

TriCaster 3play rear

video streams, each with up to quad channel audio. Utilizing proprietary NewTek IsoCorder™ technology, the eight-input, two-out 3Play 820 offers a revolutionary price-performance value, which retails at a fraction of the price of current four-input, two-out devices on the market.

      • Interpolated slow motion delivers smooth playback, and ensures still frames are free of ghosting or blurring, full support for a vast range of video and film formats.
      • A second display may be used as an ISO monitor bridge including Heads Up Display (HUD), easy import and export of a wide variety of popular media file types, multiple playlists, linear timecode (LTC) support for synchronized capture of live action and efficient post production.
      • Capture content from live video inputs to the destination drives of choice with support for writing a single channel to two simultaneous drives for fail safety.
      • Compact 4U rack mount design includes always on-air, multi-tiered fail-safe systems and redundant hardware, premium hardware control surface
  • This is an exciting addition to the TriCaster family of great products:


Tricaster 455, TriCaster 855, Trcaster 850, Tricaster 450 and the new Tricaster 8000

TriCaster 8000

TriCaster 855

TriCaster 455


NewTek 3Play 820

by | Jul 14, 2012 | TriCaster

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