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teleprompter with copy visible on set

Teleprompter on studio infomercial shoot

Teleprompters for Lost Line Recovery? 

I’m currently being tortured by sickness (either Flu or Common Cold I don’t know it might be the two of them are tag teaming me) I’d figured I shall share my opinion about a topic that has bought a lot of questions within myself as a filmmaker. On Tuesday January 27th i went to my very first teleprompter gig with one of my supervisors. Basically we was there using a teleprompter for wildlines for an event thats happening for a client. I’d hardly paid any mind to it before but the sure power of the teleprompter could hold wonders. Which just dawns the question for me. Should a teleprompter be used on a set for a short film.

Usually on sets they have people there to read the lines just in case an actor forgets his lines. But that comes with its own share of problems from that person.
What if he/she is late on the cue?
What if he/she  doesn’t have all the pages?
What if the script magically becomes lost on set? (it has happen before).

On top of that there’s the whole fundamental “being quiet on set” thing. Pages make noise… very significant noise.

Teleprompters for Lost Line Recovery?

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