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Beth Telmark

I just got back from a wonderful cruise on Holland America.  It was a wedding event and I was asked to speak.  I decided to use a   teleprompter because I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to say exactly what I wanted to say if I didn’t have some prompting.  I got in touch with the American Movie Company.  These “mavens” arrived to show me what to do.  They were very professional and taught me
the ABCs of prompting.  I felt like a star.

>> We took the teleprompter on the ship and what a success I was.  What a great “toy” this is!  I would do this again with confidence.  Also, I  recommend cruising to everyone.  The water, food, entertainment were all fabulous!

We visited several Caribbean islands and had perfect weather.  Very lucky indeed!  I went swimming with sharks though I understand there are some who would not want to do this.  Try octopus instead! Only kidding, but I did this also.

Can’t wait for the next cruise!
Beth Telmark


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