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Paul Giamatti: Actor’s Actor

No, seriously, Paul Giamatti is definitely one of a kind.

There are a lot of people in the world today seeking fame. Did you know that among American women aged 21 and under, FIFTY PERCENT believe they will be famous?


Truly believe it. They say faith can move a mountain, but this is an absurd statistic.
How can that many people actually believe, for serious, that they will be famous? I blame reality television. It used to just be horrid dating shows like The Bachelor or whining pseudo reality like The Real World. But now we have Teen Mom or Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Why do I even know the names of the Kardashians. Both them and the Teen Mom show have one thing in common. They got to be on television because they had sex.
The simplest act two people can do.

Kim did it on tape and somehow got a non pornographic show out of the deal. The Teen moms are at least going to be stuck raising children and eventually realize that they ruined their own lives with their poor choices.

But I digress.

Of all the people in the world seeking fame, I don’t believe, that Paul Giamatti was one of them.

I think that he really wanted to be a working actor. That he loves his craft. That he respects his craft. And that he just wanted to make his living doing so.
And in the process, he happened to get famous. Famous for being a good actor. Famous for being a little strange. Famous for being a fame seeker. Ah, irony, don’t you ever change.

Anyway, Paul Giamatti comes in. He can read the prompter. His performance of a famous playwright associated with Marilyn Monroe was incredible.
Here is something that surprised me, Paul Giamatti is a very quiet actor. So quiet that I could barely hear him! Which is really no good for teleprompting, but I soldiered through
it!  Made sure it all went smoothly! And I was in awe of Paul Giamatti’s smart choices. He is definitely an actor’s actor.


Paul Giamatti is playing King John in the upcoming epic Ironclad.

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