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But the Oliver Platt Kind of Crazy, is Hilarious

So once again I”m working the Marilyn Monroe doc.

It”s awesome.

I enjoy the crew. It”s a small operation. We get set up, and we rock and roll.

Plus the food is always really good, and if you have ever been on a film crew, you know how important that is!

This time around I get to work with screen legend Oliver Platt.

That”s cool. I just saw him in X-Men First Class this summer, and now I get to prompt for the guy? Sweet! This is the kind of prompter job I like!
Oliver is playing Billy Wilder in the documentary. A role he is very much suited for, he”s got the look, the temperament, I can”t remember if he was wearing the thick framed glasses. . . . it doesn”t matter.

Now I”m pretty good with humor. I claim to be a humorist myself, after all! Plus I also do Stand Up, and have been told that I am a funny guy. But MAN could I not catch on with Oliver. I never knew if what he was saying was serious or not. Once I chuckled when he was serious, then mobile casino was dry when he was not. That rarely happens to me. Actually I can”t think of another time it”s happened with a fellow American.

Once I caught on, however, we got along great. His style and sense of humor is very subtle, but once you clue in, he”s a gas! (Yes, I just said “gas” in an outdated way, I”m bringing it back!)

Oliver Platt”s subtlety is what I probably like best. He keeps it cool, he doesn”t clue ANYONE in, and he waits to see what happens. And he”s not disappointed when it doesn”t go his way, or at least he didn”t show it.

At first I thought he was Hollywood Nuts. You know, the crazy and intimidating stare. The person who is only told “Yes” by the people around him so he has an extremely skewed reality. But it turns out, the Oliver Platt kind of crazy, isn”t Hollywood Crazy, it”s just actor crazy.

And actor crazy and I have developed a deep personal relationship.

Oliver Platt can be seen on HBO”s Bored to Death, which was unfortunately canceled in December, watch the DVD!

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