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Match Date Prompted Me to Use Teleprompter


Dateline : Brooklyn, NYC

My boss suggested that I improve my presentation skills.  I was not surprised as I was horrible at the last presentation event.  I was embarrassed for myself as well as for my team.  Public speaking has always been  a problem and I know “my condition” is shared by countless others.  Alas!  I work for a large corporation selling program air time.  My sales skills are actually wonderful.  Just give me a telephone and I’m the maven.  Just the reverse in public.  I’m turned upside down.

Kim photo

Kim Rand

On a “Match” date two days later, I was pouring my heart out about my problem.  Pretty stupid of me to do this on a first date but I think she thought I was cute and vulnerable, which ultimately has worked out in my favor.  We’ve been dating for two months.  It’s a heartwarming story but I’m not getting to the point.  On our first date this wonderful woman suggested I use a teleprompter.  I said, “Like the President?”  – She said, “I’ve been using one for quite a long time”.   She explained how it had given her the confidence she was lacking when it came to making speeches.  She told me to call The American Movie Company to discuss a teleprompter rental and to use her name as she was a regular customer.

The very next day, not knowing if this was right for me, I called AMC to check it out.  First, let me say, these are very nice people.  I spoke to Andrew who took a great deal of time listening to my story.  I felt very comfortable and the price was right.  Two weeks later I called AMC and rented a teleprompter for my next presentation.  To my surprise I had little difficulty getting used to “the quiet talking machine”.  The teleprompter operator was able to adjust the speed and size of the roll and got used to my cadence.  We worked great together!  I did a great job and my boss gave me a great review.

Don’t think a teleprompter is not for you.  The teleprompter is for anyone who wants to be kind to himself/herself.  It’s not an instant cure but for me it took me into the home stretch.  Also, you didn’t have to go out on a date with me to get the information.  In any case, the good news is that I’m taken!

Hope my story has been of help.

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