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Martin Short is my pal. . . kinda

Martin Short can only be described as being the “Martin Shortiest” person on the planet!

I’m going to claim it. Martin Short is my pal. My buddy. My compadre. Mi Amigo. And yes, that last one was a Martin Short reference, and if you didn’t get it rent the film.


We booked a rather strange gig.

At least it seemed strange at the time of the booking.

Molloy College, in Long Island, needed a Teleprompter Op, Cables, and Computer, but no Teleprompter. They had ordered a couple of large monitors to be set up on the right and left side of the balcony for the Talent to read from.

Now, I had never heard of Molloy College. It’s a small Catholic College. And part of me felt bad for taking a large chunk of money from an educational institution for doing very little. They had me scheduled for a 14 hour day + travel!

I am not one to turn down Over Time, but I know how tight things are, so I thought, in the name of good business, to ask them if they were sure about the hours, and if they knew about our OT policy. They said it was no big deal, and yes they were aware.
Okay, no problem. Happy to be on board.

I rented a Mini Cooper via Zip Car, which I barely fit into. I’m six feet tall. If you are an inch more, you will not fit in that thing! It was peppy and fun though!
When I arrived, they set me up with breakfast, and told me where I would be stationed. I got on the internet and looked up the school, just to get some info.
And what to my wondrous eyes did appear, but the breakdown for tonight’s Fundraising Gala, hosted by Martin Short.

Martin Short.

Wait. . . .


The Martin Short? Film and Theatre Legend?

Yes. Along with him were Rachel Dratch and Scott Adsit.

This is strange. Isn’t this a College? Yes, BUT, they are promoting their brand new Theatre as an “Off Off Broadway” Space on Long Island for shows to come perform. So not only will the College use the space, but it will bring in revenue with touring shows.


So, the talent arrives. I meet Martin Short. And the rehearsal beings. One rehearsal, only a few hours before performance time.

This is going to be a rush.

So Martin is changing the script left and right. So I sit down right next to him, and we get cracking.
We instantly have a great rapport! I’m pumped because it’s Martin Short, comedy LEGEND. He’s excited, because he’s going to be putting up this show in a few hours.

I get even more pumped, because I start making suggestions to Martin and he takes them!!! Martin Short performed my words! The jokes that I suggested!
As the kids say: “OH EM GEE”

I’m freaking out.

The show goes off with relatively few hitches. Marty, as his friends call him, even came out as Jimminy Glick and was absolutely hilarious!
After it is all over, I go down to the dressing rooms to say my farewells. Marty gave me a big hug, and I asked if I could take a picture.
He said “Of Course!”

I have a kid snap a pic on my phone. Marty says that we “must work together again” and goes on his way.
Unfortunately for me, I had just gotten a new phone, and didn’t quite have the buttons down, and deleted the pic.


Anyway, I left that gig really believing that Martin Short was my friend. Is he? I sure like to think so. I guess he’s Marty to me though, Suckers!

Most recently, Martin Short can be seen as a guest star on How I Met Your Mother.

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