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Forgive the above attempt at being humorous.   I can’t help it given that I had such a great time leading a group of students to Tuscany, Italy not long ago.

And, yes, a teleprompter is an important part of my story.

Read on, please!

A friend of mine became pregnant and chose to stay at home with her family.  I happily went in her place.  Our small group was composed of several graduating students who had never travelled to Italy.



Our trip began in Pisa (photos taken by yours truly) where we were joined by other groups and their guides from different countries.   Several languages were spoken and not everyone understood English.  I had to conduct the welcoming introduction in French, Spanish, Italian, English and Japanese, yes, Japanese!

It was not simply a question of saying, “Welcome” in each language.  I had to stir their interest after a long flight and inspire them to really delve into the history and beauty of Tuscany.  Clearly, my remarks had to be carefully crafted.  They were and the evening went smoothly with the help of that wonderful contraption, the teleprompter!



Campo dei Miracoli




Another good friend (who lives in Florence and works for a local TV station) drove to Pisa to help me out.  I do know that I am very lucky to have such good, generous friends.  The trip from Florence only takes about an hour.


He brought a teleprompter operator with him who proved invaluable.   Stefano is one of those for whom speaking several languages fluently is effortless – a true polyglot.   He is the consummate professional – incredibly patient, informative and knowledgeable.   He was born in Livorno and has varied interests, including history and architecture.  I must share something else with you.

The Tower - still leaning!

The Leaning Tower of Pisa 

He and Pilar, the guide from Barcelona, fell in love.

But I digress – I must impress upon you how amazing the use of teleprompter was.  I highly recommend it.

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