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Parm Girn, producer, writer at American Movie Company

Parm Girn, Producer, Writer at American Movie Company




The American Movie Company has an eclectic crew with expertise in multiple video production services from producing to teleprompting. We were excited to celebrate the premiere of one of our superstar’s film release!




AMC crew and friends at premiere of The Viral Demon


Michael Gonzalez is a talented teleprompter operator, AD, actor and producer. He recently co-produced a film called “The Viral Demon”. It follows five main characters who are subjected to a series of violent events across the country, all of which are recorded through a video chat session. As the movie progresses, the audience finds that there is a demon behind these tragedies and possessions, and that its power is spreading at an alarming rate. The film excellently sets up a timeline which calls for a sequel(s), given that there are several large questions left unanswered and a strong call-to-action. It takes on the low budget, high impact shock value that has been similarly achieved by the very successful “Paranormal Activity” films.

The film premiered at the NYC Horror Fest as a showcase feature on Friday night, and American Movie Company was there to celebrate its release! The screening was followed by a Q & A session with the cast and creative minds involved with the production. We found that the movie was filmed using professional cameras, not actual webcams or home video cameras. This was quite a shock considering the fact that the editing that went into the film admirably mimicked actual web chats, from video lag to noise interruptions. The cast breathed life into their characters, which thanks to the superb writing, were very relatable.

“The Viral Demon” is an excellent independent horror film which is both terrifying and laced with comic relief. It is not yet available for streaming, but more information, including a trailer, can be found on the film’s website.


Cast and Crew of The Viral Demon


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