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Gretchen Mol is a Goddess

In her own right, and as a screen legend: Gretchen Mol is incredible.

I’ve loved Gretchen Mol since “Rounders”. She was the “it girl” of the 90’s. She’s still “it” to me.
I’m working on this really cool Marilyn Monroe documentary. The coolest thing about it, is that it’s chock full of A-list actors.
This is particularly fun for me.

I’m an Actor. I’ve personally identified as an Actor since I was 14. That’s half my life. HALF OF MY LIFE! So when you see me working the teleprompter, in my heart I’m not a Teleprompter Operator, but an Actor.

Being an actor, with the amount of work and training that I’ve had, makes me a better Teleprompter Operator than the average Joe. It makes me a GREAT Teleprompter Operator. Acting is about listening, paying attention, and that’s exactly what a teleprompter op does. You pay very close attention to where that text is, how the talent is speaking, and where words should be on the “page” for the read to be smooth.

So when the star of  “The Notorious Betty Page” walks in the room, my skills get very focused. She’s beautiful, friendly, and talented. Everything you could possibly want in movie star.

The client didn’t ask for a specific monitor, so I just took the standard size along with me. They decided that they really wanted our larger, Ultra Bright unit, since they were shooting from a farther than normal distance. Not sure why, but that’s not my call.

Gretchen Mol did a great job. She really channeled Marilyn. It was beautiful and heart breaking, funny and bittersweet.
After it was over I stole a line from my good friend and told her that her performance in “Betty Page” was “A revelation”. She seemed to really appreciate that comment.
Made my day. I fell a little bit in love with Gretchen Mol at that moment. This is the sort of teleprompter jobs I love.


Gretchen Mol can now be seen as Gillian Darmondy in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire.

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