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Brooklyn Studios are for the Trues

Shooting in Brooklyn is done down and dirty

I’m not going to lie, most shoots are tedious, but something about working in Brooklyn, helps move that tedium along.

It’s not a bad thing, when something goes “on film” it’s permanent. You want it done right, because you aren’t going to get it done again. Plus there is a lot of money that goes into an average shoot. So the tedium, focus on details, and making sure it’s absolutely perfect, make a lot of sense.

This was a typical green shoot, mostly close ups and cowboys. The talent had teleprompter experience so that was easy.
We were set up on a HUGE crane jib, so that was a big different.

Now I know what you’re thinking, Huge crane in a NYC studio shoot? It does happen, but here’s the kicker. We were shooting in Brooklyn.

The studio was a massive block sized warehouse. It was basically empty open space. This is unlike almost all studios in the NYC area, they are cramped, cut up, and abused. Mainly because they are in a tight space to be affordable, Manhattan is expensive duder!

It can be difficult to get talent out to Bushwick Brooklyn, I know that, heck it was a little difficult to get my teleprompting gear out there. But for a prolonged shoot, in need of big camera sweeps and movement, Brooklyn is straight up serious.

It was a bit cold, being a warehouse, but worth it? For sure.

My only real issue with the gig was that it was impossible to find a cab to take my gear back to Manhattan.
Ah Brooklyn, I hope you never change.


Brooklyn is the largest borough of NYC, and home of all the Trues.

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