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American Movie Company Teleprompts for T-Mobile’s Skydiving Spectacular, Singular Send-off!

Samsung celebrated the launch of the new Galaxy S10 LTE smartphone at T-Mobile stores by sending people soaring into the sky in the middle of New York City!

American Movie Company Skydives with Samsung 1

American Movie Company’s teleprompter expert Zack Breheney was on the scene for the phenomenal launch event that took place in Manhattan’s bustling Herald Square. Zack said of the event, “It was a great time teleprompting for T-Mobile! It was fun to see how many people showed up to experience skydiving in the city!”

American Movie Company Skydives with Samsung 2
American Movie Company Skydives with Samsung 3

The event was led by Liv Abreu, a T-Mobile employee that was a part of the 82nd Airborne Division, United States Army paratrooper veteran, who was doling out tips and tricks. Customers and curious passersby stopped in to put on the white and pink jumpsuit, modeled after T-Mobile’s color schemes, and give the dive a go!

T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere said of the event, “T-Mobile customers soar above the rest on America’s fastest LTE network, and these new Samsung Galaxy superphones really fly. But you know, we feel bad for anyone stuck with the carriers… everyone deserves to experience the speed and thrill of the Un-carrier, so come hang with us in Herald Square today — we’ll take you flying. Literally.”

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Galaxy S10, check out the video below! 

Check out the event from Herald Square on Facebook Live below! 

For more information on Teleprompting, check out American Movie Company!

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