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Teleprompter Rental Toronto

teleprompter rental


Toronto Teleprompter Rentals:

  • Standard Teleprompter
  • Presidential Teleprompter
  • Confidence Monitor






Interrotron Rental


Toronto Interrotron Rentals:

  • Standard Interrotron
  • EyeDirect
  • SkyTron






Why use our teleprompter rental service?

Toronto is our fastest growing teleprompter rental market. We have invested in the newest equipment and our best trained operators to establish ourselves as the premiere Toronto teleprompter and Interrotron rental service, just as we did in New York. This translates directly into assurance that you, as a producer, need not worry about your talent forgetting lines or sounding unnatural. Our teleprompter operators are also trained speech coaches who work with their talent to attain their best teleprompter-performances. We have worked with dozens of A-List celebrities and public figures. Hiring the American Movie Company means you can rest assured that your teleprompter rental and actor performance will go without a hitch.



teleprompter rental toronto

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