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Autocue Hire

Teleprompter Rental

Available in: New York, Hollywood, Miami, Boston, San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago, Orlando, Philadelphia and Washington DC.

The Gold Plate Autocue  has a sliding 15mm rod system with two plates.  One for the camera and one for the lens.  There is a counterweight attachment at the end to balance for smaller cameras.  It easily works with the RED Dragon, Amira, and all professional and prosumer cameras.

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Teleprompter Rental: 17″ Autocue Gold Plate


Daylight Teleprompter


The above and below arrangement is for mounting the Autocue Hire & Rental Unit on a C stand but system is the same for standard tripod.  The rods are 15mm.  The whole system can mount on top of client’s rod system.



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Teleprompter Rental: Speech Teleprompter aka Presidential Autocue, Presidential Teleprompter

For more information or booking call me, Bill Milling at 212-219-1075 or my cell 917-414-5489

Autocue Hire | Rent Teleprompter 1

Autocue Hire | Rent Teleprompter

by | Jul 28, 2016

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