SkyTron Rental
New York

Long Distance Interrotron

  • Wireless capable Interrotron
  • Works in two locations that have WiFi
  • Wirelessly view add’l cameras
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Image of our Long Distance Interrotron Skytron

What is a SkyTron and why do I need it?

The SkyTron works as a long distance Interrotron. Our clients’ talent look into a teleprompter that is modified to display a director’s face in front of the camera lens, as opposed to text. The director, in turn, instructs their talent through his/her own modified teleprompter. This way, talent can look at the director and into the camera simultaneously, allowing for more natural conversation. Most Interrotron setups require a wired connection between the teleprompters. The SkyTron works wirelessly.

The majority of our SkyTron rentals are for directors interviewing their talent in Los Angeles from New York City, or vice versa. They are also popular for long distance casting sessions.

We can wirelessly stream the feeds of more than one camera. Many clients request additional angles of their talent, on top of the traditional Interrotron setup, which they can view conveniently while speaking with their talent.

We invented the SkyTron in response to demand from directors, producers, and casting agents, who wished to forgo flights for interviews or casting sessions.

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