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Daylight, High Bright, Battery Powered Teleprompter



Call Bill Milling at 917-414-5489 to reserve one. Daylight Teleprompter Rental NYC & LA aka Autocue. Battery Powered Teleprompter

17″ Daylight Teleprompter Rental With Extra Bright Monitor and Battery Power.


Standard Prompter monitors are about 400 NITS. They are very difficult to read in daylight and under bright studio lights. Our monitors are sharper and at least four times brighter at 1800 NITS. As the DP is using a 5K Fresnel to light his subject, we needed to compensate with the 17″ Master Series Gold Plate Prompter rigged with the extra bright monitor. In this case we did not need the battery and ran off AC. But Battery Powered Teleprompter is available.

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Daylight Teleprompter Rentals 1

Daylight Teleprompter Rentals

by | Aug 1, 2016

Isabel Scoliard
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