High Tech Voice Controlled iPad Teleprompter

Works wirelessly with SteadiCams & Ronins

Amazing new tech makes the words on the prompter scroll with your voice!

With patent pending “Voice Tracking” technology the prompter script follows your words and actually scrolls with your voice in real time. No more Blue Tooth hassle or having to accept one speed scrolling which results in horrible monotone delivery.

$250 Day –  $750 Week

Voice Controlled iPad Prompter

  Voice Track Scrolling Software

* Modular System for 6″-12″ Mobile Devices * Scripts or digital notecards functions
* 15 ft Reading Range * Voicetrack proprietary voice recognition technology
* 60/40 Beamsplitter Glass * Additional Scroll Options
* Carbon Fiber Rods * Custom Formatting to Match Your Preferences
* Includes PC / Mac Prompter Software * Special Features To Guide You Through Your Speech
* 150mm Lens Openings * Digital Notecards For Delivering Less Structured Speeches
* Tooless Assembly * Document Editing Within Promptsmart
* Folds Flat for Transport and Storage * Video/Audio Record Your Speeches And Share With Others
* Weighs 6 lb * Import Files From The Cloud In Multiple Formats
IPad Prompter assembly instructions part one
iPad Prompter Assembly 4

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