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4 Ways to Spring Clean Tech in Your Life

Organize and update all your camera gear and tech toys.

We are in the throes of Spring. You know what that means; rain showers galore, signs of blooming flowers and of course, spring cleaning. While you’ve probably tackled the excess belongings in your apartment, but have you thought of how to tidy up your technology? These tips will help you spring forward with a clean slate and massively improve your productivity:
  1. Clean Out Files – As daunting as it can be, now is the perfect time to scrub through video footage, music, and photos. See what is worth keeping and transfer it to an external hard drive, otherwise, delete it! Less clutter on your devices means they’ll work faster and more efficiently. Don’t forget about your phone. Deleting old text messages and unused apps will improve the speed at which it operates and saves you memory storage for more important things.
Phone cleaning - delete unused files

3.  Unsubscribe to excess newsletters – Not ours of course! Your inbox might be overwhelming because you simply have too many email subscriptions. Go through and see what’s lying lifelessly in the “unread” section. How long has it been since you last opened that newsletter about a dog bed built for humans? Be honest. If it’s been longer than one month, it’s time

Spring Cleaning Your Technology 101 1

2.  Physically Clean Devices – Find yourself eating your breakfast over your computer on a daily basis? That’s why this step is crucial. Dust, hair, and debris accumulate over time, causing potential problems down the line. Compressed air is the best way to remedy debris build up. For screen grime, use a screen cleaner and microfiber cloth to wipe away dust and smudges. Don’t forget to clean headphones too!

Keyboard cleaning hand holding cloth
4.  Unfollow People and Pages – Social media is an incredibly powerful use of communication. However, if you are feeling bogged down by the amount of useless information you are seeing, it’s time to pare down. Consider unfollowing companies and people that don’t provide value to you. If you haven’t spoken to them in over six months, it’s time to reach out or reach for the unfriend button.
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