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Future Tech: Our World in 2050

This Is Your Future

There have been incredible changes in the last 200 years, but we humans are driven by the same fundamental needs as we were then: food, shelter, safety, companionship, sex, being appreciated and even loved.

Will any of this be different in the year 2050?

Of course not.

But there will be an escalating series of geometrically increasing changes that will hit us at an ever-increasing pace.

Future Shock?

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

The progress of the last 200 years has witnessed the human desire for freedom and communication.

Predicting what future will bring is critically important for two reasons;

  1. We have got to consider what kind of future we want for ourselves and leave for future generations.
  2. We need to understand what decisions we need to make today that will produce our best hopes for tomorrow.

The World In 2050 | BBC Documentary

Just imagine our planet in the year 2050.

By the middle of the century, there are predicted to be about nine billion people in the world, consuming ever greater amounts of our limited natural resources and yet enjoying ever more technologically complex lives.

What will cities look like?

What will our food be like?

Will global warming cause catastrophic damage?  Or will technology and political courage help us to find our way out of a planetary climate crisis?

Demographic changes will in all likelihood be extremely dramatic.  Joel Cohen (Rockefeller University mathematical biologist) says ” it’s likely that by 2050 the majority of the people in the world will live in urban areas of the earth, and will have a significantly higher average age than people today.”


Our World in 2050. What Will it Look Like?

1 – Mega Airship:

Designer Eric Almas created an amazing ecologically clean and near noiseless airship with a transparent top that permits passengers to relax and sunbathe and even swim under the stars at night.

2 – Floating City:

A floating city project by Vincent Callebaut, called Lilypad is an amazing vision of a future in which we face rising sea levels. This huge city can sustain over fifty thousand inhabitants. It’s totally powered by renewable sources (wind, sun, tidal forces, and other alternate energy sources). And is entirely self-sustainable.

Lilypad has living and workplaces for every citizen, as well as entertainment, shopping, play, sports and relaxation areas.

A great way to live in harmony with nature!

3 – Floating Gardens:

Most of us are concerned about a clean and healthy planet, and this is one solution.  It’s called “Aerostation”  It’s another fantastical creation by Vincent Callebaut.

This vision is a hybrid of a skyscraper, airship, bioreactor, and hanging gardens that provide a restful environment as well as actually cleaning the air.

4 – Artificial Islands:

“Boomerang” is a mobile resort with amazing entertainment facilities.

5 – Futuristic Superyacht:

To create this yacht, designer Zaha Hadid took inspiration from the underwater world. There, she saw the structures and forms she needed, and she used them in her creative work. This yacht reminds one of an exoskeleton, and it looks really impressive both inside and outside.

6 – Flying Cruise Ship:

Right from Star Trek. Visionary designer Mac Byers created an incredible version of the traditional cruise ship.

7- Artificial Island

Another creation by the London company, Yacht Island Design. It seems to be a real floating tropical island, has its own waterfall, a swimming pool with a transparent bottom, and even a small volcano.

8 – A Ship Designed to Look Like Monaco:

Here’s another project by Yacht Island Design, which lovers of Monaco might like. This luxury ship includes several well-known sights of Monaco: the luxury Hôtel de Paris, the Monte Carlo Casino, the restaurant Café de Paris, and even a go-cart track which looks like the Grand Prix route in Monaco.

9 – Floating City;

How about a huge floating city? Here’s Atlantis II, which could be compared in size with New York City’s Central Park. The idea really surprises us with its scope.

10 – A Floating Island;

Physalia is a floating garden that was designed to purify rivers and provide citizens with pure freshwater.


The World In 2050 | HD | Must Watch | Latest Upcoming Technology | New Generation of the World |

10 Mind-Blowing Statistics from 2050


  • 2050 is only a short 34 years away. For centuries people have predicted that the future will be taken over by robust robots. But what will 2050 really look like? We have a few ideas.

    ➢10. The world’s population will increase from 7.2 billion to at least 9.6 billion – Credit:

    ➢9. Minorities will reach 50% of the US population – Credit:

    ➢8. Sea level will rise by at least 1 foot – Credit:

    ➢7. Nearly 1 in 5 Americans will be divorced – Credit:

    ➢6. Demand for food will increase by 70% – Credit:

    ➢5. 1 in 5 developing countries will face water shortages – Credit:

    ➢4. At least 50% of Jobs will be replaced by robots – Credit:

    ➢3. Nearly 70% of the world’s population will live in urban areas – Credit:

    ➢2. Renewable Energy Could Provide 80 Percent of U.S. Electricity by 2050 – Credit:

    ➢1. Cancer deaths will be effectively ZERO for everyone under 80 – Credit:


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Future Tech: Our World In 2050

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